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New Christian romance novel 2023

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This is a new Christian romance novel 2023 you can read in this new year. I believe you are going to enjoy this gift.

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Is The Prostitute a new Christian romance novel 2023?

Yes, it is and it’s not a new Christian romance novel 2023. You’re surprised to read that. I published this bestselling Christian romance fiction about three years ago.

It has been downloaded and read by lots of people online and offline. However, last year, I published the sequel to this bestselling Christian novel. It’s titled, Thorns Inside the Rose.

Now, if you have not read The Prostitute novel, then it’s new to you. Even if you have read it, I would like you to read it again. You can’t get tired of reading it.


Getting your copy of this bestselling Christian romance fiction

How do you get your copy of this bestselling Christian romance fiction, The Prostitute?

It depends on where you are coming from and how you want to get it. The fact is that you can either buy it or get it free! Yes, you heard that right?

At the end of this post, I will show you a link where you can get more information on how to get your copy of my bestselling Christian romance novel.

Let us look at another wonderful testimonial I received from a reader of The Prostitute novel.


A review of my best-selling new Christian romance novel 2023

Another review of our new bestselling Christian romance novel 2023 – The Prostitute

Good evening Sir.

This is John and I’ll quickly drop the review of ‘The Prostitute’

When I started reading ‘The Prostitute”, I couldn’t put it down. The book has a certain rhythm to the storylines.

Very skillful write-up, unique characters especially Steve. This book is a lesson and I’ve learned a lot from here especially in the aspect of forgiveness, also not prejudging. Circumstances could be a decisive factor in one’s decision.

This is also an opportunity to study more about Prophet Hosea in the Bible.

Thank you very much, sir!

You can watch a video of the first chapter and also learn how to pick up the free full copy of the novel at Sample of The Prostitute novel

I want you to take advantage of this immediately. Please share this post and gift with your friends. If they want a new Christian romance novel 2023, then this is just right for them.

Let me read your comment.


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