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Thorns Inside the rose
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Thorns Inside the Rose (sequel to the Prostitute novel)

Best-selling Christian romance novel, The Prostitute, becomes a movie! What happens when a morally upright man decides to get married to a long-term notorious prostitute? Watch movie today or click poster to watch

Best selling christian romance film


Thorns Inside the Rose is a reality already. It’s the sequel to my best-selling Christian romance novel, The Prostitute. This is the official page.

In case, you have not read or heard anything about the Prostitute novel, you need to read about it here.


About Thorns Inside the Rose

Thorns Inside the Rose is an exciting and real-life story of a couple who got married from two different sides of the world.

This is a story of how strange women and agents of the devil are finding their ways into the bedroom of unsuspecting Christian men.


Watch and Listen to Thorns Inside the Rose (Chapter 1)

I want you to watch and listen to the samol first chapter of this new Christian romance novel, Thorns Inside the Rose below:

Watch and listen to the First chapter today

Read the first Chapter of Thorns Inside the Rose

I have also provided the text of the first Chapter of Thorns Inside the Rose below:

Chapter 1

It was the darkest hour of the night and the silence of the night was as deafening as a static and motionless river. Even the drop of the tiniest pins in a pool of water will create a big sound with huge vibrations. The heaven being spread with this pallid screen and the earth with the darkest vegetation. Their meeting line at the horizon was marked. Darkness and its accomplice, evil had magnificently taken their positions as the champions and the victors of the night hour.

Deep inside the belly of the Iroko* tree, were seated strange beings of the darkness and they were ready to have their usual meeting where evil strategies and demonic plans are concocted to damn and destroy the destinies of humans. The stage was set and the officers and administrators of the gate of hell were set to, as usual, offer the necessary support and strength to the converging evil beings called Emeres*.

Gau Gau Gau … (the sound of the tall and crocodile-shaped gong reverberated throughout the belly of the Iroko tree).

Gau Gau Gau… (the sound blasted through the night again for the second time).

Gau Gau Gau…. (the gong sound shook the environment of the belly of the tree once again for the third time as if trying to summon the remaining forces of the dark world to be attentive and to come together).

“Huh Huh huh,” the blood-stained, evil-looking forerunner of the queen of the night, beating the gong, finally opened her mouth to talk. “The time is here. The hour has come. The mistresses and maids of the dark world are gathering.” She paused and looked around the environment of the belly of the Iroko tree.

She looked to the right and the left and nodded her head. She looked again at the blue fire burning in front of her and that of the maidens that were gathered and nodded her head again like that of a lizard that fell from the top of a tree.

“Sleep,” she continued. ‘Deep sleep should befall all outsiders and non-partakers in this night and darkest hour.” She dropped the gong and the stick she had used to beat it.

“Like,” she continued the incantation. “A day-old baby sleeps, novice men and women should fall soundly asleep.”

“It’s so and done,” chorused the mean-looking and evil-minded maidens who were already seated for the night’s meeting in the spacious inner belly of the Iroko tree.

“Maidens,” she continued, now looking directly at the seated maidens of the dark world and princesses of the evil world, the Emeres. I greet and welcome you to this hour when we concoct strategies to destabilize the destinies of black-haired human beings. The gods and the evil one himself will sanction all decisions we will make today.”

“It’s so and done,” the maidens chorused again in unison.

The forerunner swiftly turned leftward and hurriedly moved towards a black and big pot wrapped with red and black stripes of cloth. She picked up the cup on top of the covered pot, opened it and dipped the cup into the pot, and drew out a cupful of blood. She looked intently at the cup filled with blood, smiled, and turned swiftly rightward and hurriedly left to the other end of the place of meeting where a clay-shaped human head was hung on a blood-stained sword.

“As,” she cried out heavily as she poured the blood from the cup over the clay-shaped human head hung on a sword, “It is sure for the rain to fall in a rainy season, it’s sure for our meeting to end well. As it is sure for morning to come after night, so it is sure for our meeting to end well today.”

“It’s so and done.” chorused the seated maidens in unison again.

“Maidens,” the forerunner said after returning to her original position. “Princesses of the evil world. Once again, you’re welcome. The Queen of darkness and the Emeres welcome you. She will be joining us in a moment.”

Just as the last word dropped from the mouth of the forerunner, there was a loud sound that would naturally rupture the eardrum of ordinary human beings. This was followed by a cloud of thick smoke that dropped from the top and also issued out from a section of the meeting arena. Suddenly, a huge and ugly-looking beast appeared and led a team of entourage consisting of three beautiful maidens in front, the Queen of the night in the middle and another three beautiful and almost naked maidens at the back.

The forerunner went on her knees and bowed her head in obeisance and to welcome the Queen of the Emeres into their midst. The other seated maidens stood up hurriedly, went on their knees, and also bowed their heads in obeisance and to welcome the Queen into their midst. The Queen of the Emeres took her position on a seat made with the head of a lion. The two groups of three maidens took their positions kneeling in front and at the back of the Queen.
“You’re welcome,” the Queen of the night said. “The maidens of the night. The princesses of the evil world. You are welcome to the coven again.”

There was silence as the maidens of the night remained in their kneeling and bowing positions.

“Maidens of the night,” the Queen shouted, waving to the maidens and the forerunner to take their seating positions again.

“Queen of the evil world,” the maidens answered in unison.

“Maidens of the evil world,” the Queen shouted again.

“No glory for men.” the maidens replied, looking tenaciously at their leader.

“Maidens of the evil world.”

“Queen of the evil world.”

“Maidens of the evil world.”

“No glory for men.”

After the last statement by the maidens of the night, there was a big shout from one end of the belly of the Iroko tree. The gong’s sound and beats also came alive again as the belly of the Iroko tree shook to its roots.

“Maidens,” the Queen of the Emeres suddenly shouted while the noise stopped abruptly. “A shadow that fails to trail its owner will cease to become a shadow. A tree that suddenly stops bringing forth fruits will stop being a tree.”

She suddenly rose from her seated position and moved swiftly into the midst of the seated maidens with anger written all over her face and sweat dripping from both sides of her head like the thickness of blood.

“Maidens,” she shouted again. “We’ve been sleeping just like ordinary men do these days. Ordinary, black-haired men may be sleeping but we can’t afford to sleep. We’ve got work to do.”

She went back to her seated position while the maidens of the night followed her back to her seat with their eyes still steadfastly glued to her. When the Queen of the Emeres is in such a mood, they always knew there was a great deal of work at hand.

“When,” the queen continued the incantation. “The sun becomes red, the earth becomes hot. When the clouds are heavy, the rain is near. It’s time for real work on careless sons of men. It’s time to disturb and delay their destinies. There’s work to be done.”

The atmosphere in the belly of the Iroko tree became dumb and deaf. Deep silence imposed itself on the surrounding environment. Maidens waited to know the next line of action for them. These troublers of the earth and troublers of the glory of men waited assiduously for instructions from their Queen and leader.

“We are going on a fresh mission.” the Queen shook off the dead silence and summoned her second-in-command to come nearer to her and to bring her left ear closer to her mouth. She mumbled some words into her ears and bid her carry out her instruction. The second-in-command quickly gathered the other maidens together in a circle and delivered her mistress’ instruction to them while standing in their midst with their heads and ears drawn towards her.

There was so much noise and shout after the maidens received the instructions from the Queen through the forerunner. The forerunner also began to beat the gong again while two of the maidens immediately positioned themselves on the drum set and began to dance and rejoice to pour out the blood from their cups as a libation on the ground.


How to get the full novel Thorns Inside the Rose

Thorns Inside the rose


Chapter 2

Do you want Chapter 2? I believe you should have the hot desire not only to read Chapter 2 but the whole of this Christian novel.

Well, you can do so if you call to order your copy today at this highly discounted price of N1000.

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I believe you want to know:

  • What these evil beings were planning to do “careless sons of men.”
  • Why the Queen of the Emeres was so angry and brimming with fire.
    How they were able to put their evil plans to work.
  • How these evil beings delay the destiny of men.
  • How Christian men and men in general can react against the activities of these evil beings.
  • How they hide in the church to cause havoc to unsuspecting and careless Christian men who are singles and searching.
  • What is usually the results of their evil activities on the lives of sons of men.
  • How Bobby Tamor became a victim.
  • What happened to his life, marriage and home at the end.
    And more…

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