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Qatar 22 world cup: Mentality of African teams
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Qatar 22 world cup: Mentality of African teams

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Qatar 22 world cup is ongoing and it has been a great football spectacle. African teams are participating as usual but the first round of matches has not gone the way of African teams.

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Qatar 22 world cup: First-round performances

The first-round performances of African teams have not been spectacular apart from one or two teams.

As usual, the right mentality is lacking among African teams on parade. This has been the case over the years. It’s one of the main reasons we have lost winnable matches at crucial points or stages in previous world cup competitions.

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Building the right mentality

I am a passionate supporter of football and the Nigerian national team. I am fully in support of the African teams onnoarartat the Qatar 22 world cup despite the absence of Nigeria.

African teams have the talents but they need to invest in knowledge and resources that will build their mentality for competition like the world cup.

African teams must first believe in themselves as individual players and collectively as teams. We have lots of resources on this blog that can help you build the right winning mentality. Check out our home page.


Summary of first-round matches at Qatar 22 world cup

The summary of first-round matches at the Qatar 22 world cup below was done by a passionate Super Eagles of Nigeria supporter. Please read it below:

Nigeria is not in Qatar but we are following it all the same.

5 African countries are representing us but until Ghana scored 2 goals last night, no African team had scored a goal.

Not Tunisia.

Not Morocco.

Not the Indomitable Lions, a team of one of our presidential candidates.

Not the Terenga Lions of Senegal.

But we saw the Three Lions put 6 past Iran but they also conceded 2.

Spain tore Costa Rica 7 times and the Central Americans couldn’t reply once.

Canada did very well against the world’s second-rated team, Belgium but the Belgians found a way to get the 3 points with a Bat goal.

France put Australia, a Rugby and Swimming country to the cross with 4 goals to 1.

Germany lost against Japan and Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina.

Brazil mesmerized everyone and scored 2 goals against a well-organized Serbia and Richalison’s acrobatic goal which was his second goal is the highlight so far.

That’s my summary of the first round of games.


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