Stop Teenage Addiction

Are You a Parent and You Have Struggled Over That Addiction problem of your Child for So Long?

I have spent quite some time and put in some great efforts to look through the Bible to fish out practical tips on how Christians can handle addiction problems. This page just shows you some of the works I have done over the years.

Thank you for coming over to this website. You can contact me if you want some clarifications, I will always be ready to help. Take your time and look through some of the works I have done so far.

Stopping Teenage Addiction Problems – A Parent’s Guide: 11 Christian tips on how to stop your child from that addiction problem

A survey shows that “74% of teens said they had turn to their parents as their No. 1 source of advice about the use of alcohol or other drugs. 63% said hearing their parents’ stories about past alcohol or drug use would make them more responsible about their own use of drugs”. Some experts believe genetics and environment influence a person’s addiction risk. Most teenage addiction problems are as a result of the actions and inactions of parents or guardians!

Now the parent factor may not always be the only cause of teenage addiction issues but I strongly believe it is a major factor. I have used this short ebook guide to teach Christian-motivated tips on how parents can prevent their children from having addiction problems or how they can help a child who already has addiction problems. Please read more at End teenage addiction or at Stop teenage addiction

You Can Stop Masturbation! (Addiction Treatment): And End Any Addiction and Substance Abuse By Reading Simple Stories and Charts!

Have you struggled without end to put a stop to masturbation and any form of addiction? Do you really want a complete Christian guide that uses simple stories and simple charts to describe step by step methods to put a stop to masturbation or any addiction problem?

This practical Christian book will be of great use to you as it has been to many others online. Due to readers’ positive reactions to the story-telling and chart-illustration strategies used in the first edition of this book to provide simple steps to solve the problem of masturbation.  Read more at stop masturbation


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