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how to turn a negative situation around into positive
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How to Turn Around a Negative Situation Into Positive: A Christian Guide

Yes you can turn around around a negative situation into positive. This is possible and that was exactly what I did on a particular weekend. You see, turning around negative situation is a skill you must master especially in our world that is filled with lots of disappointments.

You need to stay on top of things with the help of the Holy Spirit of God. The Bible is filled with lots of principles and ideas on how you can turn around a negative situation into positive.

I would like you to learn from this simple experience of mine. You can also share your own experience with me on how you turn a negative situation around into positive, I will be glad to read your experience.

Please read this short story illustration below in turning negative situations into positive ones:how to turn a negative situation around into positive

“How I wished we did not have this big number of visitors in our home this weekend,” I had said in my mind. “I wonder how we (my wife and I) will cope with this big numbers.”

“What do you mean?” My mind charged back at me.

“It was an unexpected visit from them and we were not prepared at all.”

“What about if their visit will turn out for your good this weekend?  My mind replied.


“You already know you can always turn unfavorable situations around to your advantage.”

“Yes I know. But how do I …”

“Are,” my mind cuts me short. “you asking me that?

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“Okay. Okay. I know.”

That was the interesting conversation I had in my thought some years ago before I was able to turn the unexpected visit to our home from a few relatives into my favor.

We had few food resources at home and we were not planning to use the little cash on us to buy foodstuff during the weekend. The visit created a negative mood in me and would have remained that way throughout that weekend if i had not dug deep into myself to create a solution.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”You can stay on top of things with the help of the Holy Spirit. The Bible is filled with ideas on how you can turn around a negative situation into positive” quote=”You can stay on top of things with the help of the Holy Spirit. The Bible is filled with ideas on how you can turn around a negative situation into positive”]

You want to know what I did?

Now let me tell you.

When I finally decided to take charge of the situation by turning the negative situation around, i remembered I could use the big number of visitors to my advantage on the Sunday of the weekend when we had planned to have a publicity outreach for our faith-based seminar platform in a new  location.

We had planned to use one extra person in addition to my wife and I for the outreach but the good God just gave us the opportunity of having additional 8 people for the outreach.

What a blessing their visit turned out to be.

We had an extensive outreach and we were able to reach more people and places.

I turned the negative situation into a positive one.

Pray Out of Negative Situations

I remember a great statement from the bible which says: “Be careful, for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known unto God.” (Philippians 4:6).

I believe that statement is instructing you not to allow negative situations to envelope you but you should instead pray (and engage your thought) to turn it around to your favor.

The Negative Situation is Not the Problem

The idea and story used in this article appear simple but it presents the basic  wisdom needed by anyone to turn negative situations around for good. You should never allow the negative or difficult situation to dampen your morale. If you allow this,you will not be able to find the important and available road out of the situation.

Usually, the problem is not always the problem but your reaction to the problem and your negative attitude towards the negative situation.

Let me give you this checklist on how to turn a negative situation around into positive ones:

  • You should understand and be convinced that negative situations can be turned into positive situations.
  • Never allow any negative situation to envelope and perplex you.
  • Engage your mind or your thought to develop a strategy to turn it around to your advantage.
  • If you can pray, you should pray to God.
  • Find a quiet place to put down ideas, strategies, process that will form in your mind (you can bet they will come) as you engage your thought.
  • Pick the best process for yourself and for the situation.
  • You should ensure the process you pick does not harm or shortchanged anyone (this is important).

I hope you will put these tips into action to turn those negative situations into positive situations. I want to read your comments and experience with this topic.

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