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Christian thought process: How to manifest lionically

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There is a Christian thought process that can ensure you manifest your God-given destiny lionically or in a great way. Well, you will understand from this article how I was able to ‘manufacture’ the word, ‘lionically’.

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Why have you struggled?

Have you ever wondered why despite the fact that you are a Christian; you have not really been able to maximize the many advantages that Christianity offers you to produce good works that will bring fulfillment to you and also give joy to others? It is also likely you have wondered how those big players you see on television get lots of projects started and completed.

If you have nursed these thoughts before, then this post will help you to get a good clue of what may be wrong. God’s Word says: ‘For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…’ (Proverbs 23:7).

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The Christian thought process

The thought pattern of the big players is the major difference between you and them. If you have struggled to find fulfillment in the areas of getting useful results in your life and business, then you need to learn how to change your thought pattern.

If a lion begins to think like a rat then he will not be able to produce ‘lionic’ manifestations. On the other hand, if a rat begins to think like a lion, he is sure to start producing ‘lionic’ manifestations.

What is the Christian thought process

The Christian thought process is defined as a habit of thinking in a particular way, using particular assumptions or principles from the Word of God. The big players have a healthy thought pattern which gives room for progress and fulfillment. They have found a way to break negative thought patterns over and over again; they always reap from their efforts.

Check your thought pattern

You should check your thought pattern. It may be the major reason why you are not getting useful results! If you are a Christian, you need to allow your thought pattern to align with the content of the Word of God as we have it in the bible.

You are a child of the living God, made in His image and likeness. He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. You are supposed to be thinking like God using His Word as a basis.

You are not expected to think like a failure. You are a ‘lion’. ‘Lionic’ manifestations are your birthright. If a lion begins to think like a rat, then something has gone wrong somewhere. This lion will only be producing the works of rats!

Check your thought pattern. Is it ‘rattish’ in nature? Your ‘lionic’ manifestations on this earth are impossible if your thought pattern is ‘rattish’ in nature. Begin to ‘murder’ or break those negative thoughts patterns, they will only give you ‘rattish’ manifestations.

God bless you. Further Reading: Psalm 141: 4

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