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The Prostitute Chapter 2

Chapter 2


Steve woke up that Saturday morning earlier than usual. Saturday was a work-free day and he usually stays longer in bed on this day. He sat straight on the bed and looked at the time from the clock hung on the wall adjacent to his bed. He was excited about the time and looked away and smiled as if he just remembered something. 

He stood up from the bed and slipped his feet into the slippers carefully placed beside his bed and tried to move away from his bed to the big mirror on the table to check out the condition of his now fully awaken eyes. Then suddenly, he sat back again when he remembered the event of yesterday night at the hangout of the ladies of the night at Allen Avenue. 

Oh, he said to himself, that was an outing of a lifetime. I was able to convince a harlot to be my friend. Silly me. He withdrew his feet out of the bedroom slippers and laid his back on the bed and his head on the pillow as more memories of his strange outings flooded his mind. But Serena was tough. She could not understand why a man like me could pay a strange visit to the den of harlots seeking friendship. He sighed. Good, he continued in his thought. Friends are not found in harlots’ hangouts, they are found in sane and holy places. Well, I only hope I’m still sane. I only hope I’m still in the right frame of mind. I only hope the invisible force pushing me is right after all. I’m befriending a harlot and I’m strangely excited about it!

He suddenly jerked up from the bed, put on his bedroom slippers again, went back to the wall mirror, carefully examined his face and used his right palm to rub his face from the top of the hair on his head to his chin. In waiting mood already for the august visitor. I need to get into the bathroom. He said to himself.   

At exactly 10:15 a.m., Steve was resting on his couch in his sitting room after taking a breakfast of bread, egg and hot tea. Suddenly, he heard the sound of cars on the road outside his house and rose to peep through the window to see what must have caused the noise on the street. He turned away from the window because he heard the door open and Serena stood there by the door. 

“Good morning.” She said sharply.

“Good morning Serena, you kept your promise.”

“Yes, I promised you so I must keep my promise or do you think night girls like me don’t keep promises?”

“Oh no,” he said and ushered her into his living room and pointed his hand to one of the chairs in his living room.

He admiringly looked at her as she walked down to take her seat.

“This is my place and you’re welcome.”

“Thank you, you’ve got a nice place.”

“Thanks for the compliment. I always try to make it look nice.”

“That’s fine, “Serena said. “Only very few men understand how to keep a clean living room.”

“My mother gave me and my siblings a good training on that.”

“That’s good of her. And now I’m here, I hope I’ve fulfilled my promise.”

“Yes, the promise I got from you after over an hour of tough arguments. “

‘You came at an hour when the rush of business was high. I hardly entertain such unprofitable visitors and discussions at such periods.”


“Yes. I …”

He stopped her from completing her last statement by putting his forefinger across her lips to indicate that he didn’t want her to speak any further words.

“Before,” he said. “You can say anything further, what do I offer you?”

“Anything you have at home that you can offer a street girl like me.”

“Oh no,” he charged back at her. “You‘re not a street girl!”

“But I am Steve, I told you that yesterday. “

“Yes I know but there are decency and good morals beneath your personality.”

“Oh, common Steve,” She cuts him short. “I took my time yesterday to let you know that you can’t get anything good by befriending a night girl like me.”

“Ok, Ok,” Steve said. “What do I offer you now?”

‘You can offer the street girl in your living room anything you have to offer.”

Steve picked up the small album of photographs on the table in one corner of his living room and handed it over to Serena. 

“Please feed your eyes with this while I dash into the kitchen to prepare a welcome meal for my august visitor.”

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