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The Prostitute Chapter 6

Chapter 6


Steve understood the need to take his wife on a honeymoon and he had fully prepared for that. He allowed Serena to bring up suggestions of where and how they should enjoy their honeymoon. He believed this experience will set the scene for a new world of romance especially for his beloved wife different from the type she had been used to. Though they have decided not to travel out of the country, he believed a comfortable location apart from their home will help the cause of their fledgling marriage. 

“And how do you intend to rehabilitate her?”

He recalled Bobby’s weighty question during one of their discussions leading to their wedding day as he was putting their luggage together for the journey while Serena was busy in the kitchen preparing the breakfast. 

And, Steve thought. How did I answer that difficult question from Bobby that day? That question threw me off guard. But I believe a well-packaged honeymoon is just one of the special ways to rehabilitate my lovely wifeI just hope so. He concluded in his heart. 

Steve does not just want their honeymoon to be all bedroom romps and luxurious lounge chairs on the beach with expertly crafted cocktails. He wanted more and he believed he had packaged a befitting honeymoon exploration for himself and Serena. 

“Oh, sweetheart, you’re still on that?” Serena said announcing her entrance into their bedroom.

“I’m almost done with it Darling.” Steve replied trying to conceal the apprehension that has dominated his thought before his wife entered the room. 

“I’m done in the kitchen.”

“I’ll be done with this in the next 15 minutes.”

“Oh, that will be fine. We can’t afford to miss our flight.”

“We won’t dear.”

Steve abandoned the bags and moved swiftly towards his wife, dragging her to himself in a warm embrace. Serena responded by offering her well-formed lips to welcome the advancing lips of her husband. They were in this state for another three minutes. 

“Steve,” Serena shouted disengaging her lips from her husband’s mouth. “You promised to finish your task in 15 minutes and you’ve wasted about 3 minutes already. You’ve got 12 more minutes Loverboy.”

“Don’t worry my dear; I’ve just received the tonic to do it in less than 5 minutes.”

“And what was that tonic?”

“The lovely kiss you just offered me.”

“Common,” Serena said. “Loverboy, you’ve to work before play. Remember that the honeymoon has not started yet. Get the job done, I’ve finished mine.”

‘Ok madam,” Steve agreed and resumed his duties. “Your wish is my command. I’ll be done soon.”

Steve was done with the task as he had said and hurriedly dressed up to join his wife at the dining table for breakfast. They planned to leave the house by 11 a.m. to catch up with the 2 p.m. flight to Abuja, the capital of the West African country, Nigeria where they are expected to lodge into Melianda Hotel & Gallery Resort. 

Melianda Hotel & Gallery Resort is a 5-star luxury hotel in the city of Abuja. It is one of the best in town. Each room at Melianda Hotel & Gallery Resort is fully air-conditioned and designed with an en suite bathroom. The hotel houses a spa and a well-equipped gym. It is a choice resort for politicians, top government officials and top business executives in and outside Abuja. The serene environment also adds to its many positives. The high-level professionalism of the staff of the hotel will always drag customers back for another taste of the action.

Steve had been there once when he went on an official assignment in the company of three other staff members of his company. He loved the city and also loved the serene environment around the hotel. He promised himself to come back to the same city and hotel for his honeymoon. He was surprised when his wife picked the same city and hotel as her choice for the honeymoon. 

Steve believed the serene environment around the hotel and the city is just what is needed to kick start their love journey and most importantly to commence the rehabilitation of his wife. He was sure that the 2-week honeymoon break will just be a very rewarding experience for him and Serena. 

Steve locked the door behind him, hurriedly walked down to the sitting room and noticed that his wife was already at the dining table waiting for him.

“Oh sorry,“ he said. “I kept you waiting.”

“It’s no problem; I’m compelled to wait for you.”

‘That’s nice,” Steve said and took his seat on the dining table facing his wife. “I appreciate that.”

“Hope the packing duty I gave you was not strenuous. “ Serena asked teasing her husband.

“No,’ Steve replied reaching out with his right hand to touch her wife’s cheeks. “What about the kitchen duties I gave to you? Hope it was not tedious.”

“You can bet I enjoyed it not with the tonic you gave me some moments ago.”  

“Oh, you’ve started again. Well, I enjoyed mine too. Thanks for the energizer you gave me.’

Serena served the food and drinks after which Steve said the prayer and both started eating. 

“Darling,” Steve said breaking the short silence. “I was just wondering why you chose that city and hotel when I asked you to make a choice some weeks ago about where we should go for our honeymoon.”

“Oh, “Serena said smiling at her husband. “I‘ve been to Abuja on two or three occasions before.”

‘Really,’ Steve said excitedly. “To visit a relative?”

“No, not at all Steve. I went in the company of my clients on those occasions. “

“Really,” Steve said shocked but tried to conceal his shock. “That’s great. Hope you enjoyed the city?”

“Oh yes, I thoroughly enjoyed myself on those occasions. Those clients were very rich executives of multinational organizations.”

“Pur ku purku,” Steve began to cough. 

“Oh dear, hope there is no problem.” 

“Pur ku purku,” Steve continued to cough and tried to reach out to the cup of water on the table.

Serena quickly grabbed the cup of water and put it into his mouth. After he stopped coughing, Steve tried to say something to assure his wife that all was well with him but Serena signaled to him not to say anything placing her right forefinger on her lips.

How, Steve said to himself. I wished I did not ask that question. He looked at his wife and smiled to reassure her that all was now well. That was a response I never envisaged and which I don’t need at this moment. He said further to himself. I just hope I won’t have more of this.

Steve continued with his meal while Serena watched him closely to ensure all was now well with her husband. She smiled at him and caressed him at the back of his left palm which was lying on the table. Oh! Steve thought. She did not even feel the heat of what she just said. That’s interesting. But she’s beautiful and I think I still love her, he concluded in his mind.

“Sweetheart,” Serena said, breaking the silence. “I hope you’re ok now. You may need to drink another cup of water.”

“I’m fine my dear.” 

Oh, bless God.”

“You can continue to eat your food.” 

“I won’t until you put the first spoonful of rice into your mouth.”

“Ok then, I‘ll just do that now.” Steve picked up his spoon and did as the wife had said. 

“That’s great. Now I can continue with my meal.” 

After a brief moment of silence, Serena tried to start another discussion. “Sweetheart, I just hope our honeymoon will be something similar to a click flick with all its romance and passion.’ 

“Yes, it will. The location and the hotel we are going to use are just perfect for that.” Steve replied and hoped he had not stirred the hornet’s nest again with his last statement. “

“I”, Serena replied. “Can’t wait to arrive at this venue with you.”

Suddenly, Serena dropped the cutleries in her hands, squeezed her face and also dropped her head…

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