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The Prostitute Chapter 9

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Chapter 9


“Stop it,” said Serena reacting angrily to her husband’s accusation of flirting with bad old friends. “Stop it, Steve. I can’t stay here and watch you accuse me falsely.”

“And why that?’ asked her husband as he stretched out in one of the two-seater chairs in the sitting room, his feet on the small table in front of him.

“Why what Steve?”

“Why the shout Serena?”

“I can’t understand what you are driving at,” said Serena

“I know it’s the same old song of I don’t understand.”

“Ok Steve, what is wrong with what I did,” she said and found her way to the three-seater chair directly in front of her husband.

“I am surprised you don’t see anything wrong in visiting Allen Avenue,” Steve said squeezing his face while he looked directly into his wife’s eyes.

“And what’s wrong with that?”

“A lot, a lot my dear.”

“I’m all hears mister. Teach me.”

“You,” said Steve trying to keep his voice low. “Did not just visit that doomed location, you visited the very bad Tara. What has light got to do with darkness,” he added angrily.

“Look, Tara is my friend.”

“Tara is or was your friend?”

“Common, spare me the grammar.”

‘Yes I’ll and I’ll even spare you the noise and correction but I’m sure it wouldn’t help our young marriage.’

“Look,” Serena stood up from her seat. Tara was sick and I decided to pay a visit to a sick friend. You once told me it’s good to pay visits to sick people.”

Suddenly, Steve dropped the magazine in his hand, stood up and went straight to the freezer in the kitchen to get some cold water. He gulped two full cups of cold water in one brief moment in a manner that suggests his wife’s last statement dislodged him and was looking for an escape route.

“Serena,” he finally found his voice. “How did you know that Tara was sick?”

“I called her.”

“You called her,” Steve said surprised.

“Yes, I called her,”

“Have you been calling her since we got married?”

“Yes, I have.”

“You have?”

“Yes, Steve.”

Steve filled another cup with cold water and rushed it down his throat again.

“My dear wife,” he said. ‘I never knew about that. I thought it was all over between you, Tara and Allen Avenue.”

“Look, Steve,” She said with drops of tears now rolling down her eyes. “Tara has been a good friend to me. She has been very nice to me; I can’t just throw her away like that as a mother throws away the bathwater just because I got myself caged in a marriage that has added nothing to me but to take away my precious and cherished freedom.”

“I,” he said. “Understand but do you know something? A bad friend who has refused to change will always get you back into the mud where both of you were feeding on in the past. That’s the danger, my dear wife.”

“Common Steve,” she said. “It was a mud we both enjoyed when we were feeding in it but you pulled me out of it. Now she’s still enjoying the mud and she’s not caged as I’m now as your wife.”

“Huh,” Steve groaned. “So you want to go back to your mud?’”

“Not really Steve. I only visited a friend that was sick as you taught me to always do.”

“I’m not asking you not to visit a sick person but a visit to Allen Avenue and Tara is not good for you and our marriage.”

“What do you want me to believe Steve?”

“That you must avoid old friends and Allen Avenue.”

“Steve, I’m confused.”

“Common dear, I love you. You know that I’m doing this to protect you,” Steve said and went back to his last sitting position while Serena remained in her sitting position turning her head and face away from her husband.

A few minutes silence ensued between the couple. It was as if both were looking for other ways to pass across their individual views. Steve picked up a magazine, opened it but his eyes could not capture the letters on the pages of the magazine.

“And where did you see the golden wristwatch I saw in your bag,” Steve said suddenly still gluing his eyes and burring his face on the pages of the magazine in his hand.

Serena was shocked and quickly turned her face in the direction where her husband was seated and smiled suddenly. And suddenly, the smile was gone. It was as if there was a hidden switch in her mouth which turned the smile off the moment it came on. She stood up and walked towards the room and then came back to her seat and sat straight on the chair looking straight into her husband’s eyes where he was seated.

‘So,” she said to her husband, “It has got to that Steve.”

“It has got to what?”

“You now secretly search the contents of my bag.”

“That did not answer the question I asked you.”

“I don’t think I’ve got an answer to that.”

“Then,“ Steve said, “That means you’ve got a skeleton in your cupboard. Serena, where did you get the golden wristwatch from?”

“I’ll,” she said angrily. “Not give you an answer to that.”

“And why?”

“Because you don’t deserve to know.”

“And I demand to have an answer?”

Serena suddenly jumped to her feet and quickly headed toward the bedroom. Steve rose from his seating position and quickly walked up to the door leading to the bedroom before she got there and opened his hands wide to block the way.

‘Go ahead,” she said trying to drag her husband away from her way. “Mr. Investigator. Carry out more searches on other belongings of mine so that you can have more evidences.”

Steve held her and tried to drag her back to the sitting room but Serena angrily took off her hand from the grip of his hand. Steve held on to her despite the resistance. I will not let go, he thought. Yes, I’ll not. We’ve got to talk this over today. He finally was able to drag her back to the sitting room and helped her to sit down in one of the two-seater chairs.

“Steve I think I’m fed up with this whole project!” Serena said with a thick drop of tears trying to gather in her eyes.

“Which project?”

“This marriage project,” She said. “I’ve told you earlier that it would not work. You pushed me into this. You promised to love me for who I am. You told me it would work. Now I don’t see how this would work. It’s better I return to my first husbands; the ones I started with. That was a better life by far than this one. Then I had peace, freedom and was under no obligation to anyone. Steve, I’m tired of this caged life you called marital life. I am going back!”

“Yes, I understand,” Steve said. “I understand how you feel.”

“Good,” she said and stood up with Steve also standing up immediately. “If you truly understand, then you should accept my decision to go back to my life of peace, freedom, and enjoyment.”

“Serena,” Steve said quietly. “You’re wrong. Your former life was not a life of peace, freedom, and enjoyment. It was a false peace and dangerous freedom and enjoyment.

“Yes, at least I was not caged”

“You were my dear. You were. The cage was spiritual.”

‘Mister, I miss my old husbands. I miss my friends. I miss Allen Avenue.”

Steve thought for a while. Then he dragged Serena back to her seating position, knelt before her and stretched out his hand to hold her head rubbing his fingers on her hair. “Yes,” he said. “You may miss them but you’ve left them all for good. You don’t belong there anymore; you belong to me. Old things have passed away and all things have become new. You deserve a genuine love from a man and your old friends and husbands were not able to give that type of love to you and will never be able to give it to you. Nothing compares with true love. I’ve vowed to offer you that type of love.’

Serena looked at her husband’s eyes for the first time in the last 30 minutes and tried to take his hands and fingers away from her head and hair. Then, she said, “If what you’ve vowed to give me is true love, why all these troubles every day?”

Steve smiled for the first time since the argument began. “Because a refusal to discipline is a refusal to love. True love cares, forgives and also disciplines when the need arises.

“I’m,” Serena shouted. “Confused Steve. I want my old life. I’m going back.”

“You will not dear. You will not go back to your vomit.”


“You won’t.”

I’ll and I’m going back. Life out there is better than life in here.”

“It’s not Serena,” Steve shouted. ”You’ll not go back. You belong to me; you belong here.”

“I’ve vowed to love you with all I’ve got. What you do is not and who you are is not the determinant of the extent of my love for you. It’s my sovereign choice and decision to love you.”

That statement sent some shivers down the spine of Serena and she disengaged her head and hair from the fingers of her husband and rested her back on the chair. Some moment of silence ensued between the couple again.

“I,” Serena broke the silence. “Know you love me, Steve. I know the type of love you offer me is different from the ones I’ve ever met. It’s just that I don’t understand…”

“Shhh,” Steve placed his forefinger on his closed lips cutting short Serena’s speech. “You’ll understand my dear. All things will work together for our good. We will overcome this soon.”

Serena stretched out her hands and dragged Steve’s head nearer to her and on her full breast. “I,” she said. “Was wrong to have collected the golden wristwatch as a gift from Tara’s client.”

That revelation jerked up Steve’s head from her wife’s chest and breast.

“You,’ he said. “Mean you got that from Tara’s sex customer.”

“Yes, they came on a visit here a day before you came back from your journey.”

“They came to this house?” Steve said squeezing his face.

“I’m sorry Steve.”

Steve sat on the floor just in front of Serena looking directly at his wife’s eyes.

“So you allowed them to visit you in this house.”

“I’m sorry. Tara wanted to return my visit to her when she was sick. I never knew she was bringing along a friend.”

“But darling, that was an error…”

“I know Steve,” she said cutting off her husband’s statement.

“And you even collected a gift from her immoral friend.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Serena, you need to start putting your new status into action.”

“Huh,” Serena sighed and shook her head as if a truth just hit her like a thunderbolt. “I’ll be careful next time.”

“But why did you hide it from me.”

“I did not hide it from you, Steve.”

“You did not tell me about it when I came back.”

Serena looked into his husband’s eyes still rubbing his hand on his head. “Sweetheart, I was not fully sure of the correctness of what I did but I knew within me that you won’t like it.”

“That’s it,” Steve said, smiling. “Something within you was telling you that you’re taking the wrong action. You should have listened to that voice. You will have to learn how to obey that good inner voice.”

“I’ll dear. I’ll.”

“Serena” Steve stood up from the seating position on the floor, pulled his wife up from the chair and held her close to him. “I still love you for who you are. I still hold on to my belief that there’s decency beneath your personality.”

“Thank you, sweetheart.”

Steve dragged his wife towards the bedroom, opened the door, and locked it behind them immediately. Serena offered little resistance.

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