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Violence in marriage: What Christianity can do
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Violence in marriage: What Christianity can do

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Violence in marriage has been in the increase and it has claim lives. Women have been the major casualties of violence in marriage.

The whole social media has been on fire in the past few days since the announcement of the death of popular Christian singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu. It was alleged that she died from complications that arise as a result of violence in marriage.

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Violence in marriage: Can Christianity help?

Can Christianity help against violence in marriage? Has Christianity been of help? What have been the roles of Pastors and churches?

This is the main theme of this post. I am reproducing this post here. I posted it as a response to a post on Facebook from a friend. He had insinuated from his post that Christianity has not helped and has been the main reason for violence in marriage. Please read on.


Violence in marriage: Read my social media response

I wrote this comment on a friend’s post to point out a difference between religion and Christianity especially as it relates with abusive marriages: (I am presenting here unedited).

I totally disagree with you.

First, I don’t understand what you mean by religion. Religion or Christianity. To the best of my knowledge, Christianity does not kill. The problem is that we only play religion instead of Christianity.

Second, true Christianity is all about a personal relationship with God through His Spirit and His Word and not a relationship with what anyone will say or what the pastor said or would say.

Third, You said people will not want to fall when she ministers if she had left the marriage. I disagree. It’s God who makes people fall and not the will of the people. If she had left under the influence of the Holy Spirit and with a perfect understanding of the Word of God, God’s power and anointing will still be there for her. It’s not by power or by might but by the Spirit of God.

Fourth, Have you read the story of Kathryn Kulman. Please go and do that. She left her marriage. People still accepted her. God still used her mightily. So let us be careful when we say people will not accept her. It’s God that makes people accept you and not your power.

Fifth, have you read the analysis I did on my profile yesterday about the scriptural standard on this topic? Please do. So blaming Christianity is wrong… Though you called it religion. The problem is that we don’t settle down to know deep into the scripture. We only live mostly on what people say or what the pastor says. We don’t want to be led per time by the Holy Spirit but by what the society wants and what the pastor says. She should have taken a decision based on scriptural truth and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Or do you think the Holy Spirit would want her dead in a marriage?

Sixth, we must be careful to blame Christianity because the devil will be happy with that. It will pass across other information to non-Christians or young Christians.

Seventh, over the years, the Christian community and society have spoken against violence in marriage. So it’s not what it used to be. Any woman that stays in an abusive marriage is not acting on true knowledge. We have pastors who stayed solidly behind women who left an abusive marriages. I have seen many examples. Pastor ighodalo of Redeemed remarried when his first wife refused to join him in Nigeria. Pastor adeboye gave his blessings. The man of God is still pastoring today.

So it’s not Christianity sir. It’s our will. We want to do our will than the will of God or what the scripture says.

It’s painful that such anointing is gone. My wife was completely down yesterday. But the truth is that there is so much information today about violence in marriage and what women should do.

Instead of blaming Christianity, let us pass information that is already there to the women.

Rest in peace Osinachi Nwachukwu. God bless you.

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