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Marriage brutality: Osinachi Nwachukwu is gone
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Marriage brutality: Osinachi Nwachukwu is gone

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The case of brutality and violence in marriage again: Osinachi Nwachukwu, A great gift is gone again. Women please watch out!!!

Is it possible for the late singer to have avoided this painful death?

1. The cries against brutality in marriage has been on the increase even in the body of Christ.

2. I have seen pastors who have personally taken strong positions against husbands who brutalize their wives.

3. So it’s not true that churches will not accept her if she cries out and tell her story to the world that she was being brutalized.

4. Life is more precious than marriage itself. Only the living will be in marriage. Only the living can evangelize.

5. I think the late singer should have done more. With the level of knowledge out here today about issues like this, she should have taken stronger actions to prevent this.

6. With over 70 million views of her song, Ekwueme on YouTube, she should understand that the pit of hell will have its attention on her and her marriage. Her husband allowed himself to be the object of use from the pit of hell (allegedly). She should have cried out more.

7. The views of anyone do not matter if your life is at stake. Will you be thinking of what the view of anyone will be if someone points a gun at you and you have a way to escape?

8. In another way, I think the Igbo community should look critically at the way they give out their daughters in marriage. This mindset of if we have taken the bride price then that is all. All of you have been given to him is wrong. Igbo daughters should also change their mindset. He does not own you; God owns you. Let God leads you. There is always a time for everything. There is sometimes an entry and an exit point. Sometimes, you are not separating to divorce but to put things right and pray. We are in the end times.

10. Christians should understand that marriage was not designed by God to be a deathbed. No. When your marriage becomes brutal and physically violent, then you need to start taking steps that will save your life while you’re still praying. In case you don’t know 👇

10. Because of the hardness and foolishness of man’s heart, the bible showed three instances where an allowance was given for separation. Moses issued a divorce certificate because of the hardness of their hearts. It was not the will of God but Moses had no option, he had to issue those certificates because he does not want them to kill themselves. Jesus also mentioned, ‘except for the case of fornication. This also showed situations when the issues get out of hand, not because of God’s will, but because of man’s foolishness and hardness of heart.  Paul also said if the unbelieving wants to depart let him or her depart, we are called to peace.

You should be close to God and His Word. You should have a relationship with God. You should be prayerful. You should know when things are getting out of hand in your marriage. You should know when it’s becoming a life-threatening situation. When you noticed this, speak out. Seek help. Only those who seek will find. It’s not a sin to seek help in your marriage, the problem is not knowing who will render that help for you. Let the Holy Spirit lead you.

Osinachi Nwachukwu, we will miss you. We will miss your special gift. Rest in peace God’s General

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