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If you have asked anyone this question: Where can I find free Christian books, the answer is right here for you in this post.

Free Christian books that are of great quality have been shared for many years on this blog. Many people have been blessed by the free faith ebooks.


Free Christian books pdf

On this blog, we added lots of free Christian books pdf from the beginning dats of the blog. You can still find the pdf versions of our Bible Short Report series which contains many free Christian books that solve practical problems of the people and the society.

However, for the past few months now, we have been posting thees Christian books in pdf as online versions. That is, you can now read free Christian ebooks online without downloading them as pdf versions.

We want users of our Bible Short Report series to have a seamless experience using these free Christian ebooks. You can just click in a link and then read the books online.


Where can I find free Christian books online?

You can find free Christian books that you can online without downloading anything below.

How to keep faith in God during hard times. Read it online now at





How to overcome failure and achieve success.

What is faith in God: a complete guide.




Stopping Teenage Addiction Problems. A parents’ guide




It’s an end time ebook titled, Nothing Can Stop This!

We need to be preparing for the second coming of Jesus Christ. He will surely come back. Events in our world today are showing all that the Bible says about His second coming.

Read the free book online at


Read Saviours Wanted eBook guide online today


Spiritual help for your business success ebook is the latest free online ebook guide published in our Bible Short Report series on our Christian blog. Read it online today

Our Bible Short Report series page. You can read all titles in this over over 15 years old book series with many best sellers. You will be reading all titles free online.

Read all Bible Short Report series online


New Christian book release on spiritual mentoring

Have you read the book, Sons of the Prophet? A detailed and inspired account of how you can begin to profit from spiritual mentoring or the ministry of prophets. This new book shared deep information about the relationship between Dr. David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church Worldwide and his many protegees like Pastor David Ibiyeomi, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, Pastor Paul Enenche, Pastor Poju Oyemade etc.

You need to discover how God has used the ministry of Bishop David Oyedepo to help the ministries of his sons in the Lord. You will also read how Bishop David Oyedepo has benefited immensely from the lives and ministries of his fathers in the Lord like Pastor Adeboye, Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory, Kenneth Hagin of blessed memory, Kenneth Copeland etc.

This book will also show you how you can also profit from the ministries of your God-assigned prophets to become more fruitful and effective in any vocation you find yourself.

Get your copy today.



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