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And Brenda died

And Brenda died. Just before you go into a sad mode because of the headline of this post, I want you to hold on for a moment to any emotional switch you intend to make.

Well, Brenda died and we all lost our appetite and happiness for a moment.

In case you want to know who Brenda was, I want you to continue to read the post.

“I’ve brought a fine present for all of you,” My fellow corp service member said to us after he returned on a visit to Kano, a core Northern state in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He dropped this beautiful present on the floor and she immediately rose, wagged her tails, and moved towards another corper in the corpers lodge.

“Bisi,” Leo called out, “Where did you see a dog?”

Bisi smiled and said, “My fiancee gave it to me for you guys.”

So all you can bring as a present to us is a dog.” I said moving swiftly away from the rest of the guys.

I have always detested the sight of dogs. I don’t always want them around me. Let me quickly inform you that this is not in any way an evil hatred.

I just don’t like dogs to be around me. Well, the other corps members in the same apartment showed their admiration for the dog while I walked away.

“So,” Muklar said. “What’s the name of this beautiful present you’ve brought for us?”

Bisi picked up the dog again, held her firmly to his chest, and said, ‘‘Brenda is her name. Call her Brenda.”

Well, months passed and for the first time, I began to share the same admiration for this pet just as the other corp members. Brenda became a part of us. She sat by and looked on whenever we talked or gisted.

She pushed out her tongue whenever we were eating together on a table waiting for the crumbs to fall to the ground. She stayed in the apartment alone when we all went out. Sometimes we trekked with Brenda into the community.

One beautiful night, my admiration for Brenda was solidly cemented when all the other corp members traveled out of the town and I was left alone in the Corpers Lodge.

In the middle of the night, I opened the door of my room to check what was making a strange noise. On opening the door, I saw Brenda fully awake sitting directly in front of my door as if watching to ensure nothing passed through the door into my room.

I was filled with much admiration for Brenda for this kind and loving service.

Brenda became part of us and I must say we spent a large part of our National Corp service year together.

Then, while it was just three weeks before the end of the service year, the unexpected happened.

We had left the Corpers Lodge to go into the community to get some provisions. After some minutes, we discovered Brenda was following us and we sent Brenda back to the lodge. We did not want her to follow us because we would be crossing a major and busy road in the community.

After we had crossed this major road in the community, we heard a loud sound from a car and the people from this major road. We looked back and ran towards the road to see what had happened.

We found a dog lying lifeless on one side of the road. We found out that a car had killed Brenda while she tried to cross the road.

We never knew Brenda was still following us after we asked her to go back to the Corpers Lodge. Bisi carried the lifeless body of Brenda from the floor and held her close to his chest while we and others all looked on in deep sadness.

Two weeks before we were supposed to end the national youth service, we lost a dear friend. We lost Brenda to the cold hands of death in such a gruesome way.


Many years after

Many years after I have given my life to Jesus Christ and after I began to understand the relevance of Jesus’ death on the cross to my life and that of the world, I began to see the pains Jesus went through to die for my sins and that of the world.

The death of a dog who showed love to us pained me so much but that can’t be compared to what Jesus did to die on the cross for my sins. The Bible says while I was without strength, Christ died for me.

Brenda reciprocated the love and care we showed her by loving us in return but Jesus did not receive anything from me (and us) when He decided to die for my sins.

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That I may know Him

The Bible says,

That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death” Philippians 3:10

I always try to allow the Spirit of God to help me have fellowship with His (Jesus’) sufferings on the cross and the pains He went through while the nails entered His hands and legs on the cross.

The killing pains He endured and suffered while His breath reduced until the zero point. The cries of pain He gave out while the angel of death drew away his precious life.

Of course, this holy fellowship usually draws tears from my eyes but those tears are usually tears of joy and gladness that He loved me so much to lay down His life for me so that sin and death can no longer have dominion over me.


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