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Best Christian books on Amazon Kindle

I want you to check out the best Christian books on Amazon Kindle in this post. These Christian Kindle books have been carefully selected for you.

I have included a sample Amazon customer review for some of these ebooks. Please check them out.


Best Christian books on Amazon Kindle: Christian books that solves problems

The best Christian books on Amazon Kindle described in this post have the capacity to:

Help you discover or encounter revelations

Help you find principles that can ensure your Christian personal development

Lead you to finding solutions to your problems

Give you the opportunity to know more about God and His Word.


Best Amazon Kindle Christian books (profiles)


6 Mistakes I Made As A New Husband

6 Mistakes I Made As A New Husband

A short Christian fiction book for husbands, new couples, young men planning to go to the marriage altar soon. It is filled with real-life stories. Free on Kindle Unlimited

Read more about this ebook guide


You Can Stop Masturbation!: And End Any Addiction By Reading Simple Stories and Charts!

This guide used story and charts illustrations to describe solutions to this problem. This ebook guide, which has sold lots of copies online, shows how those who suffer from this problem can use their minds appropriately. Read more about this Christian ways to stop Masturbation 

An Amazon review of You can stop Masturbation

I am a chronic masturbator. I mean, day in, day out, non-stop, my hands don’t leave my pants. My wife is okay with that though she finds it weird when I don’t quit when the dog comes in or during funerals..

Lately I’ve been wondering, wwjd about the friction blisters that come with habitual heavy masturbation? The answer didn’t come…. I am a man of faith and try extremely hard to keep my hands out of my pants at church… To no avail. That organist may be in her 90’s but she’s hot enough for me to engage in solo sinful bathroom… Release…

One day as I was sinfully sitting on the toilet releasing some tension because our arch deacons wife did a suggestive glance at me and showed me her teeth was false; I was trying to STOP MASTURBATING!! I just couldn’t! So I prayed during the sinful act, prayed hard and heavy….

God finally answered! He said you may stop masturbating by reading You Can Stop Masturbation!: Simple Story

Illustration Shows You How. Unfortunately, the pictures only made my problem worse, I was nothing but raw skin and tears at my treacherous addiction…

That’s when I found THIS book by the same author!!! You Are A Story Away From Stopping Masturbation is a wonderful aid to let Jesus take your burdens and heal your raw flesh while giving you a hand! I no longer masturbate to man! I have the Holy Ghost to alleviate my urge! Since this revelation though, I don’t know what to think of mankind though…

Read more about this Christian ways to stop Masturbation 


33 Effective Christian Strategies to Grow a Successful Business: Tips to start and grow a small business

33 Effective Christian Strategies to Grow a Successful Business will show you simple strategies to start and grow your small business. These Christian tips will help your business growth day by day. This book merged the practical truth and principles from God’s Word to present-day practical methods entrepreneurs can use for their small business management and growth.

A Customer Review of 33 Christian Strategies to Grow a successful business:

“This book had great information for strategies on growing a business! It had scriptures to back up every topic discussed. It was easy to read,understand and put into practice”

Read more on how to use Christian principles to grow your business


27 Christian Ways To Improve Your Job Performance: 27 Tips to Be Successful at Work and on the Job

I believe you want to be successful in your workplace? If you indeed want to, then this ebook guide is just right for you. The Christian tips described in this Amazon Kindle ebook are simple-to-use and they are prepared by revelation.

You need to read more about to rise to too positions in your workplace 


Bible Secrets For Effective School Teaching

This ebook guide is for School teachers. The ebook guide presents biblical principles for school teachers to work effectively and efficiently.

Read more about this Christian ebook guide for School teachers 


You Can Start And Finish Great Projects

This Amazon Kindle ebook guide describes Practical stories of how Bible and modern-day people started and ran profitable organizations.

Read more about this ebook guide here 


How to Maintain Focus and Concentration

You can read practical tips on how to reach the end of projects in this Kindle ebook guide.

Amazon reviews on How to maintain focus and concentration

“I was truly blessed and encouraged others to read this book. The advice,scriptures and testimonies has inspired me to push and look to God for my success. Jewel

“I’m sure I will like it. I haven’t read it yet. snowdiva

Read more about how to maintain focus and concentration.


Stopping Teenage Addiction Problems


This is a Parent’s Guide. This Kindle ebook guide shares  11 Christian tips on how to stop your child from that addiction problem.

Read more information about this ebook guide on stopping Teenage Addiction Problems 


How to Stop Addiction to Drugs, Masturabtion and Other Negative Habits

You will find 21 Christian Help and Tips for Overcoming Addiction in this ebook guid. The tips are filled with both biblical stories and post- bible days experiences.

Read more about how to stop addiction to drugs



How I Overcame Violent Anger

This is another Kindle ebook guide that shares interesting revelation on how to stop violent anger. Violent anger can indeed be a very serious problem that must solved. The author describes how he practically solved this problem using prayers and the Word of God.

You need to read more about this ebook now if you are struggling with hit anger 


How to Kick Start That Great Organisation: …Despite All the Odds And Obstacles Against You

You can start and run your business vision despite all the money problems and the other obstacles against you. This is a practical Christian guide. You will love it.

Please read more information about this guide now


52 Bible Secrets For Your Business Success

I want you to read what a reviewer wrote about this ebook.

“Being a Christian I was able to relate to the Biblical principles of operating a business. My business has increased 15% since reading and applying the techniques in this book. Great for Kindle owners.” Codelady97

Read more about this ebook guide now


10 Secrets of Christian Personal Development

This short Christian ebook guide used the remarkable story of Moses’ development as a person and as a minister of God to describe how you can ensure effective personal development.

I love the use of deep revelation from God’s Word and the practical illustrations of how you can follow the steps and secrets discussed in this ebook.

Read more information about this Christian ebook guide on personal development 


You Can Stop Sex Sins: How to Stop or Avoid Sexual Immorality

If you’re struggling with sex or sexual sins of different forms, this is the ebook guide for you. 30 simple, scriptural and practical ways of stopping sex sins was described in this book.

Read more about this ebook now and get a copy 


How to Get a Miracle from God With Your Faith

We all need a miracle every now and then. You must walk by faith with God to get miracles. This is a simple fact which many people don’t want to understand.

This ebook guide describes how you can follow the faith process to get miracles from God.

Read more and get your copy now.

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