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Obstacles present themselves to keep you stagnant. This is why you must learn how to stop stagnation.

Sometimes, you lack the motivation to move forward in life. Whenever you try to take a step, many problems appear to keep you stagnant.

I am presenting a good way to defeat stagnation whenever it shows up in your life. The simple biblical tip from this post will show you practical tip on how to stop stagnation.

What is stagnation?

Stagnation is a situation where things around you, your business, and your general life have decided not to move forward or progress according to your plan and expectation. Stagnation keeps you at a spot through different obstacles that are usually beyond your control.

A simple solution to stop stagnation

The simple solution to stop stagnation is that you must learn never to stop moving whenever so many obstacles are standing between you and your goals in life. The devil presents these obstacles to keep you from moving.

He wants you to remain stagnant. He wants you at the same spot for a long time looking helpless! He knows if he can get you stagnant for a long time, depressiondepression and discouragement will set in and you will end up abandoning your good course.

When my book business experienced stagnation

Sometimes ago, I had many unpublished books on my table with no money to get them published. I was not happy about this and I hated picking up my pen to write another book.

The devil wanted me to hands off. He wanted me to stop moving but I understood the implications of staying at a spot for a long time and I forced myself to write more books and articles. Today, I have many works to publish even after self-publishing many titles.

Doing refreshes you

Please nothing should stop you from moving. Even if it means just making a call to a business associate, rise and do it. Doing refreshes you. It gives you strength to go on and on.

Inactivity will make you become ordinary and without strength and that is what stagnation intends to do to you. This can even make you begin to lose your confidence and faith in God!

How Paul stopped stagnation

So get yourself busy with the least task you can lay your hands upon when many obstacles stare you in the face! Paul showed what made him to continually be on the move during his ministry with the following statement: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13).

With this mentality, he wwould always be filled with enough faith, strength and confidence to keep on moving towards his life objectives in the face of any obstacle. He already knew that the only factor that he needed to get things done was the Christ that was in him.

Therefore, no matter the language the devil and obstacles were speaking, Paul would always lay his hands on worthy tasks. He would always keep on moving. The obstacles won’t stop him because they could not stop Jesus Christ who was in him.

Further Reading: John 15:5, 2 Corinthians 12: 9

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