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Can grace expire?

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Can grace expire? Grace does increase so we should expect that it can decrease or even expire. So what can make grace expire?

In the future, I will be teaching what can make grace increase. So let’s go into this content topic, Can grace expire?


What is grace?

Grace is simply the power of God available and working on your behalf. When an individual operates under the grace of God, he or she gets seemingly difficult tasks done effortlessly.

I have just given a very simple definition here. I believe grace should be defined in this way especially for new and young Christians to fully understand this very important topic in Christianity.

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Can grace expire?: What are the causes?

grace and faith

Now let us look at some of the causes when grace expires.

  • Sin can be a major cause. The case of Samson in the bible was a good one.
  • There is also a deep connection between grace and faith. In Ephesians 2:8, the bible says we are saved by grace through faith. Grace saved us but we had to take faith steps to come under the grace that saved us.
  • Therefore, if we stop walking by faith, we will not be able to come under an increasing grace of God.
  • As  I mentioned earlier, the grace of God is the power of God at work on our behalf. God will not give more grace if a walk of faith is not in place.
  • When obedience is not in place. Grace can also decrease or expire when obedience is not in place. Judas Iscariot lost it when his obedience was always failing as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  • Your association can also either increase the grace of God on your life or decrease it or even cause it to expire. Great grace came upon Elisha because he associated with Elijah.

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Can grace expire: What can you do?

What can you do to stop the grace of God upon your life from decreasing or expiring? Let us look at some tips below:

  • A walk of faith is necessary. I showed in this post the connection between grace and faith. Walking in increasing faith over an issue will position you to receive increasing grace from God.
  • A life of obedience is also necessary. Jesus showed in John 5:30 why it is useful to be obedient. Even Jesus lived a life of obedience during His ministry on the earth. He said, ‘as He hears so He does.’
  • Living a prayerful life. Jesus lived a prayerful life all through His stay on the earth (Luke 6:12).
  • Staying committed to your God-given purpose. God will always put increasing grace on you if you are busy with what He has created you to do on the earth.
  • Associating with mentors who carry grace. We saw that with Moses and Joshua. Moses laid hands on him and he received the Spirit of wisdom. You won’t receive this if you don’t relate with these grace carriers with humility and honesty.
  • Spending quality time in the presence of God. In His presence, there is fullness of joy. God’s grace, power, and qualities rub in you when you are always coming and staying in His presence.


Can grace expire? Yes it can

Grace can indeed decrease and can expire. But a life of righteousness and holiness and an increasing walk by faith will always make you come under an increasing grace.

Can grace expire? What do you think? Please let me read your comment. Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media.


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