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Christians in Business (Interview Sessions)

Christian in Business: Interview with Clems Emeka of Masterpiece Innovative Solutions UK

Clems Emeka: I’m  Clems Emeka

Christian Business: What is the name of your organization and what is your role/designation?

Clems Emeka: Masterpiece Innovative Solutions UK

Christian Business: What is the mission/vision of your organization?

Clems Emeka:  Providing creative solutions to engineering problems.

Christian Business:  When did you become a Christian?

Clems Emeka: 1990

Clems Emeka of Masterpiece Innovative Solutions UK, reveals how his faith is the main driving force that has kept him ahead of his competitors, especially in tough times.Click To Tweet

Christian Business:  What has been the most remarkable Christian experience you’ve had till date?

Clems Emeka:  With every challenge i have faced, comes the seed of blessing.

Christian Business: What is your most loved bible text/story/passage in the Bible?

Clems Emeka: Be not conformed to the world, but be transformed by renewing your mind (Rom 12:2).

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Christian Business: How has your Christian faith helped you to run your business effectively? (Please write extensively about this to bless other lives)

Clems Emeka:  My faith is the main driving force that kept me ahead of my competitors, especially in tough times. In the marketplace, my faith has helped me tap into God’s supernatural abundance and favor to create values that are always in popular demand. By faith i know that I am created with limitless potentials, in the image and likeness of the Monarch of the Universe. This mindset and self-image has helped me to dominate in my niche.

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Christian Business: What single advice do you have for Christians running businesses?

Clems Emeka: Focus on serving & adding extraordinary value and profit comes effortlessly. Jesus said that the greatest among you shall be the servant of all.

Christian Business: What single advice do you have for Christians in work places?

Clems Emeka: Think and work as an Entrepreneur, rather than an employee. To find out more Order as a preorder on Smashwords my new book Success Signature.

Christian Business: What problem do you think needs the Christian faith for solution in your industry?

Clems Emeka: We are constantly evolving and happy to support both existing and prospective clients

Christian Business: Who is your Christian mentor and how has he or she helped you and your business?

Clems Emeka: My mentors are many depending on specific requirement. Some of them include; Dr Myles Munroe, Bishop Wayne, Mike Murdoch, etc.

Christian Business: How has your family/friends/close relatives helped you in your business?

Clems Emeka: Very supportive

Christian Business: What is your view about this end time and the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ?

Clems Emeka:  To be focused and vigilant. Continuously renewing the mind according to Romans 12:2.

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