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Issues around Covid-19 vaccines: Are they conspiracy theories?

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The search and the emergence of covid-19 vaccines have brought about lots of talks and arguments for and against it especially from the Christian community. The Christian community is divided over this one and I feel the need to share my own views about it here on this blog.

The coronavirus pandemic has really left most countries of the world licking a painful wound since it came on the scene in the last four months or there about. Lots of people have been infected and lots of lives have been lost.


Covid-19 vaccines expectation is high

As a result of the harm this pandemic has done to nations all over the world, expectedly, the need for a vaccine has become a big necessity all over the world. The news about the emergence of the coronavirus vaccines in the past few weeks should generate some levels of excitement but the opposite is the case, especially, among the Christian community.


Covid-19 vaccines: Christians should be watchful

Whether the stories around vaccines for covid-19 is true or false, I think it’s not a sin if Christians are careful and watchful and prayerful.

It’s the end time and the truth is that the devil is increasing his speed to achieve his ministry. We can’t blame him and we can’t even stop him from working to achieve his ministry but we can always resist him. He has come to steal, to kill and to destroy.

We play around and are not working hard to fulfill our own ministry but he is working hard and he will continue to do that until the end. We can’t stop him from working hard but we can always resist him.

Devil can use people and systems for his purpose

The devil is an expert in using people and systems to achieve his ministry and purpose. A lot always happen behind the scene. Many of the things that happen behind the scene are evil masterminded by the devil.

Today, the Covid-19 pandemic should make us understand that it’s likely that something happened behind the scene which the world is till trying to figure out.


Covid-19 vaccines should be investigated

Now, stories about vaccines for coronavirus are popping up and down and some people believe Christians should not be careful and watchful and prayerful. Some people, including Christians, believe Christians are only putting up unreasonable conspiracy theories.

We have to watch closely the activities of China and some others who have records of making anti-God statements in the past. Especially as we now have these same people behind the emergence of this new vaccines which they are ready to force on nations of the world.


Who are the forces behind covid-19 vaccines?

China needs to be watched closely and Christians should be in the forefront today. We should stop allowing denominationalism and pride and selfishness to reduce our power and influence.

When the forces behind vaccines are godly, then it’s good but when the forces behind it are evil, then it becomes a spiritual poison.

Let’s be watchful an prayerful.

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