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Faith and business: Test marketing

Faith and business can go together. In fact, I believe the Christian faith should largely influence the way Christians run their businesses. Come to think of it, the Bible says the just shall live by his faith. Your business activities take a large portion of the way you live daily, so your faith should be extremely relevant to your business.

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Faith and business can go together

I have dedicatedly studied and researched how faith and business can go together and it’s about the core purpose of our Christian organization and this website and blog. You will find lots of resources on faith-based businesses on this website.


Faith-based businesses need marketing

Today, I want to show you what I call, test marketing. Marketing is important for the survival of businesses. Faith-based businesses are not left out of the need to do marketing.

All glory to God thet faith and business relationship also recognized this and there are interesting marketing strategies and business principles that are scattered all through the Bible.


Faith and business marketing checklist

Let’s go to the checklist I have for you on how to use test marketing for your faith-based business.


  1. List out the marketing strategies you have discovered that are working well in your market. The Bible asks us to follow the old path. What are the things others are doing that are working already.
  2.  If you have not researched this. It’s time you do that. It’s not a sin to carry out researches. I also read a portion of the Bible that says we should go to the ants to learn their ways. Doing this does not harm your faith in any way.
  3.  Pick three of your discoveries and try to test the one that will give you a good result in a short time. You should apportion very little resources to each strategy for this test. Have you read where the Bible says we should test all spirits? Go ahead and carry out tests. Advertisers carry out A/B tests when it’s time to advertise their products.
  4. You may also decide not to carry out this test and just go ahead to pick one of the strategies you want to concentrate your resources on for some time. I will advise you form the habit of doing this in your business.
  5.  If you carry out the test, you should see the best performing one and concentrate your resources on it for a good time. God concentrated all activities for salvation on just one Person-Jesus Christ.
  6.  Measure your results.
  7. Try to do some little tweaking in your marketing message, the types of material you use and so on. Please carry out this tweaking as a result of the result of the feedback you are getting.
  8.  Measure your result. If you can see good result, stay on this strategy and put more resources. It’s the end results of this test activity that will show you if you will continue to use this strategy or not.
  9. If you observed, it’s not getting you the result you needed, switch to the second marketing strategy from your test and so on.

I hope you loved this simple marketing strategy with important reference to the scripture. Your faith and business can Indeed go together. Let the power of God come to work for you in your business.

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