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God-given business ideas are seeds

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Christian entrepreneurs must understand that God-given business ideas are seeds that must be sown to reap a harvest. This fact is necessary considering how Christians have ignorantly expected a secret and a hidden force to turn their God-given business ideas into a success overnight without much input from them.


What are God-given business ideas?

God-given business ideas are ideas a Christian receives from Godly inspiration or through the help of the Holy Spirit. God is interested in the affairs of His children, their businesses inclusive.

God is always in the business of inspiring Christiana with business ideas they can work on to improve their business lot.

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Why you don’t act on your business ideas?

Do you desire to know why you have not been acting on your business ideas or why you have not stayed with an idea to bring it to the completion stage? If your answer to this question is in the affirmative, then I strongly advise you to read the remaining content carefully.

The simple reason is that you have been made to see business ideas as money when you first attended that business or personal development class. I was like you too for so many years until I got a better understanding.

For so many years, I fell in love with the statement “Ideas are Money” and I carried this belief into business and expected money to come automatically from my ideas whenever they are conceived.

How disappointed I was when I found out that “Ideas, even when you are sure they are God-given business ideas, are not actually money initially but seeds”!

This is the catch and maybe the main reason why you have not been acting on your ideas and why you have not persevered to take business ideas to the completion stage.

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Ideas must be planted

You should begin to see your ideas as seeds that must be planted and nurtured before they become money. The farmer must plant the seeds; carry out other farm practices for a particular period of time before he can expect the harvest.

Now, when you begin to see your ideas as seeds and not money at the initial stage, you will begin to understand that there is a business process for every business success. Success is not magic. Success is a process that requires consistent quality attention and dogged input.


How to act on God-given business ideas

Let me recapitulate all that I have discussed in this post:

  • Erase the belief that “business Ideas are Money” from your memory and consciousness.
  • Replace it with “business ideas are Seeds”.
  • Understand that you must be ready to plant your seeds (work on your ideas) to have a harvest (to make money).
  • Have a way of replanting the seeds from your harvest to obtain more harvest.

Further Reading: Genesis 1: 1-31, John 1:14

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Process of working on God-given business ideas

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