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Godly Breakthroughs: 8 requirements to get them (PDF Checklist)

Godly breakthroughs are real. There are moments for godly breakthroughs. If you have been expecting a miracle on an issue for some time and you have trusted God all the while to give you a miracle, you should expect it, it will surely come.

What are Godly breakthroughs

Godly breakthroughs are great and miraculous events that happen in the life of a Christian as a result of divine intervention.  From personal experience and from the experience of others I have investigated and also from scriptural proofs, God usually gives signs when breakthroughs or miracles you are expecting are around the corner.

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Sensitivity is required to receive Godly breakthroughs

You need to be sensitive in the spirit to know when your Godly breakthroughs or answer to your prayers are around the corner. Many have missed some breakthroughs as a result of insensitivity.

The truth is that the devil and his cohorts in interested in the breakthroughs that you are expecting. They don’t want you to get it.

You know that the devil opposes anything or everything that has to do with God. If God is preparing a Godly breakthrough for you, the devil and his cohorts are also preparing ways to stop you from receiving your Godly breakthroughs.

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Avoid distractions to receive answers to your prayers

This is the reason for spiritual sensitivity on your part. You must avoid distractions at these moments when God is delivering the breakthroughs or the answer to your long-term prayer to you over an issue.

This free PDF checklist shares short information with you on how you can be sensitive to know these godly breakthroughs moments when they are around the corner.

There is, of course, a bigger ebook guide on this topic and you can get this free from our Bible Short reports series if you subscribe at free short reports.

Get the Godly breakthroughs Check List

I want you to download this PDF checklist free at getting a breakthroughs book.

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