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How to end violent anger

How to end violent anger is the theme one of my most successful online courses today. I believe the reason for its success is not far fetched. I described my practical experience with this problem and also provided, practical and biblical solutions I followed to end violent anger.


How to end violent anger: How God helped me

Yes you heard that right. God helped me. I am writing that again – God and His Word helped me. I was wise enough to lean on God, His Word and prayers to stop violent anger.

It was really all over me but I was not really aware of the extent at which I have been into it. However, when I got married, marriage helped to show me the true state of things. I was always getting violently angry at every slightest provocation from my wife.

When I realized this as a problem, I began to think of finding a guide that will teach me how to end violent anger. Well, I am happy that God’s Spirit helped me to find it in the Word of God.

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How to end violent anger: When does anger become destructive

Anger becomes destructive when it becomes violent. So there’s anger and there’s violent anger. I believe it should be handled spiritually – prayer and the application of the Word of God.

This is because some violent angers can be hereditary or can be a spiritual problem. When you see yourself destroying things (like I was doing then) or uttering curses or violent statements or destroying relationships when you get angry, you probably have a spiritual problem on your hand and you have to apply spiritual weapons to fight it.

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Practical things I did to stop violent anger

Practical things I did many years ago in my bid to end violent anger:

  1. I accepted the fact that I had a problem.
  2. I laid it bare before God for His help.
  3. I searched the scriptures on this topic and I wrote them down and paste them directly on my picture board in front of me in my study room. I was particularly reading the story of Moses then.
  4. I openly discussed it with my wife – I did not hide it. There was no way I could hide it from her then because She was one of the people that felt the effect of the heat then. We were always praying about it together.
    5. I read several articles online on it.
    6. Some years after, I wrote and published an ebook and also did an online course on it. I believe this went a long way to change my status from the one who was a victim to the one who is teaching principles on how to stop violent anger.

Stopping violent anger: I am a better person now

I must conclude by saying that I am a better person now – God has given me victory over it and I am still always praying against violent anger.

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I love to teach and use success principles from the Bible to solve practical problems. My many books tell all the stories. All problems have their solutions in the Bible. I am married with kids.

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