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How to complete projects: 7 -step Checklist

This post on how to complete projects will show you, in clear and simple biblical steps, how to get to the end of projects. If you have a business idea or you have any idea project to execute, you should be able to find enough inspiration and motivation to start and complete the project.

I want you to check out this 7-step checklist. This will give you scriptural understanding, inspiration and motivation to start and finish your project.

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Biblical inspiration on how to complete projects

First, let me show you this interesting biblical inspiration on how to complete projects.

Proverbs 24:27
[27][Put first things first.] Prepare your work outside and get it ready for yourself in the field; and afterward build your house and establish a home.(AMP)

Anytime I read through the bible passage above, I am always filled with revelations on how to complete projects and any task no matter how big they appear. God is asking you to ensure you follow a plan to start and finish your projects.


Analysis of this biblical passage

Let us look at the short analysis of this Interesting bible passage on how to complete projects:

  • Prepare your work outside: Before you start to work on your project, you need to do a study and understand exactly what you want to do.
  • Get it ready for yourself in the field: You should also find out the methods, strategies and the resources that are useful for you to complete your project. You need to write all these down.
  • Afterwards build your house: After you are done with your paper plans, begin to execute the project.
  • Establish your home: Grow with your project. Get it established. Put structures on ground. Bring in people and systems that will be useful for further growth of the project

I believe the analysis of the biblical passage on how to complete projects has given you little insight on how to go about starting and executing projects. Now let us look at more practical analysis.

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How to complete projects: My 7- step checklist analysis

The analysis below will give you more explanation on how to use the bible passage above on how to complete projects. It’s short but it will go a long way to help you start and finish tasks or projects no matter how big they appear.

  1. Understand what you want to do: The first rule is that you must understand what exactly you want to do or achieve. You need to carry out researches, do field works and read about the project.
  2. Set time-bound goals: You need to set goals for yourself and the project. You must not just set goals, they must be time-bound. That’s, you must specify the time required for you to complete each stage of the project.
  3. Make paper plans: You need to put stage-by-stage plans on paper or wherever you can get them documented. Remember Habakkuk Chapter 2 which advises us to write the vision and make it plain.
  4. Start execution: You should start from step one on your paper plans with available resources. You don’t wait until you have all the resources to start and complete the whole stages of the project. Start from somewhere. Start from the number one step on your paper plans.
  5. Analyze results: You should carry out periodic analysis of your progress and celebrate little achievement giving thanks to God.
  6. Go to the next step: Move to other steps on your paper plans as resources become available. You need to understand how to manage resources along the way. The resources are meant to start the next phase of the project and not to be wasted.
  7. Appreciate God: At the end of the project, appreciate everyone involved and give God all the glory. You must be thankful to God who helped you all through. Thanksgiving is application for more. You need to show appreciation to anyone, any organization or system that was useful during bthe execution of the project.

I believe you loved this analysis. Please share with your friends on social media. I want to read from you on how you start and complete projects.


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