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How proper planning can help you to achieve goals and targets as a Christian

Don’t tell me proper planning is not necessary for you to achieve goals and set targets as a Christian. You won’t believe it, I have seen Christians who have made the following awful statement: ‘Oh I am a Christian, I don’t need to get that serious about putting plans together to achieve visions that God has given me.”


I call that type of statement awful statements because it is just that. You see we (Christians) have really demonstrated gross carelessness in some important success principles and this has limited our effectiveness and also stopped us from achieving certain laudable achievements. Non-Christians have been able to use the sure principles of proper planning, setting goals, time management to achieve more than Christians.

I should know because I have regrettably been part of that crowd who made such statements. I know better now. I began to get better and bigger results when I forced myself to change.

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What this Christian Article on Proper Planning Will Show You

This Christian personal development article will be showing you the reason why you must embrace the practice of adequate planning whenever you have projects to execute as an individual or as an organization.

A wise man once said, “If you want your life to be admired, it must be planned and molded”. This is simply a basic truth. Success does not happen by chance, careful and proper planning and a fixed focus on your destination will always take you to a successful end of any task.

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I always love to pick good success nuggets from the creation activities of God in Genesis 1 and 2 of the bible. Reading through Chapters 1 and 2 of Genesis, you will see that everything God created did not happen by chance; they were created based on God’s pre-knowledge of what He wanted and the following of a carefully laid-down plan to get the projects executed. God was moving from one stage to another until He finished the heavens and the earth project.

If God almighty never left His project to chance but got them executed by following carefully laid-down plans, then you, His creation should embrace the process of planning in your personal undertakings or in the execution of projects in your organization.


No Success Comes By Chance But By Proper Planning

Remember that no permanent success comes by chance; it is by choice and the choice this Christian Personal Development Article is teaching you is to go the way of following carefully laid-down plans for your personal undertakings or as an organization.

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