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What can you see? There is power that is released to help you achieve great things when you make yourself see well.

This is a powerful principle and God’s Word showed it all through the Bible.

The New Month: What Can You See?

It’s a New Month, What can you see or what are you seeing as we get to the end of the year and look forward to the New year.

God asked prophet Amos: “What can you see?” Amos 7:8

He asked prophet Jeremiah the same question in Jeremiah 1:11.

In Genesis Chapter 15 after Lot separated from Abraham, God had to make him to see his future in Him with a picture in the sky.

Even prophets and friends of God must first see well before God could do what He wanted to do for them and with their lives.

My Success Challenge to You

I challenge you to start seeing well today, especially, as we approach the New year, 2020. Stop limiting God’s power with your wrong vision.

Get into the Bible everyday and begin to see well with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Happy New month to you.

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