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How to engage your thought for maximum impact

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The ability to think is one of the most powerful gifts that God has given to you and me. This post will show you the process of engaging your thought to make the right decisions and also to ensure you deploy your best to achieve great things.

How to engage your thought: The story of the prodigal son

The story of the prodigal son in the Bible has always fascinated me anytime I read it. He left home after collecting his own portion of his father’s fortune, squandered it with riotous living and found himself in a big mess!

But one day while working as a laborer in a field, he engaged the thought process to develop the power to do to rewrite the story of his life. I want you to look at how he used what I call the thought engagement to motivate himself to return home to his father.

“And when he came to himself…I will arise and go to my father and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before you…”  (Luke 15: 17-18) (emphasis mine). This statement was that of his thought or a product of his meditations. He settled it in his thought and acted to change the Chapter of his destiny. I believe most great actions are preceded by great thinking process.

The sequence usually is this: Thoughts — Statement of Decision — Actions.

Engaging thought makes you a great actor

A good thought engager will always be a great actor. I always like to wake up in the middle of the night to meditate on the Word of God and any project I am either involved with or about to get involved with. I have decided to thoroughly develop my thought engaging process by using it regularly whenever I’m involved in any project execution.

Most great project decisions and actions that I have taken have come while taking a walk engaging my thought. A highly developed thought engaging process will always empower you to act on your ideas.

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How to engage your thought: The story of Joseph

Joseph, the adopted earthly father of Jesus Christ, also demonstrated a good example of what I have described above in the Bible. He was about taking a wrong decision of putting away Mary, his espoused wife who was found to be with the child of the Holy Spirit before they have the chance of coming together as husband and wife (Matthew 1:18-19).

The Bible says, “But while he thought about these things, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream” (Matthew 1:20). Joseph knew how important the thought process was to his actions. He engaged it to act accordingly concerning Mary. The angel of the Lord also loved this action on the part of Joseph. He appeared to Joseph“…while he thought on these things”.

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Thought engagement and idea execution

The angel of the Lord and God understood how important our thought engagement is to our ability to act on our ideas!  When you receive a big idea inspiration, write it down and find the time to engage your thoughts on what the idea is all about.

When you prayerfully do this, it attracts God to the situation and he will surely open up your understanding of what the idea is all about. This information can really provide a boost for you to lay your hands on a strange idea or project and drive it to the end.

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How to engage your thought for maximum impact


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