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How to start an idea

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How to start an idea is the focus of my post today. I am writing about this for obvious reasons. I have received lots of emails and answered lots of questions from people who have come across our various materials on how to start a big idea they have conceived.

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How to start an idea: Ideas are seeds

Ideas are seeds that must be planted
I am sure you are familiar with those tiny things called seeds even if you have not planted any before.

You see, those tiny things are very powerful. Though they look tiny. If they are planted in the soil and well nurtured they can become so big and plenty that a nation can be fed from them!

Now the keyword from my immediate statement above is “If they are planted in the soil and well nurtured.”


How start an idea: Your big idea should start as a tiny seed

Your business idea when you received it is just like those tiny, powerful resources called seeds. It is a seed and, if is planted, it is able to grow and expand considerably beyond your wildest imagination and will be useful to bring up other business ideas and resources.

It is simple. If you truly get a hang on the fact that every business idea you receive at any time, no matter how big it is at the early stage, is a seed, then you have been able to win the first battle over the wrong and limiting mentality that make people abandon business ideas because of ‘n money excuses’.

You should know that the gigantic picture of the idea you saw at the early stage does not necessarily mean you have to start from the level you saw in your mind when you conceived the idea.

It is a seed at this stage and it must start just exactly as seeds start their journey to germination and fruitfulness.


Jesus showed the way to start a big idea

Jesus was clearly pointing this fact out when He told His listeners that,

“Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone, but if it dies, it produces much grain.” (John 12:24).

He was telling them that though He had come to carry out the big task of liberating men from sin and the devil and to qualify them as children to His Father but He would not be able to achieve that except He is sown as a seed into the ground!

Your big idea is achievable with God and if you see it as a seed you have to plant and nurture.


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