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How to wait on God during tough times
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How to wait on God during tough times

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You can wait on God during tough times. This is possible and it is His will that we should put our trust in Him during tough times.

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Can we wait on God during tough times?

We can wait on God during tough times. Yes we can and we should.

Most times, we can allow the situation to overwhelm our trust in the living God. Well, this is understandable but the truth from God’s Word stands sure forever. He wants us to wait on Him during tough times.

This post is designed to help you put more trust in the living God.


Read this story

This was a fifteen year old boy. He was caught stealing bread from a store. On trying to escape from the hold of the guard, a shelf of the store was also broken.

*The judge heard the crime and asked the boy, “Did you really steal something, a loaf of bread and cheese?”*

The boy responded by looking down.;- “Yes.”

Judge: – “Why?”

Boy: – “I needed it.”

Judge: – “Couldn’t you have bought?”

Boy: – “There was no money.”

Judge: – “Take it from the family.”

Boy: – “There is only a mother in the house. Sick and unemployed.

Judge: – “You don’t do anything?”

Boy: – “Used to wash a car. When I took a day off to take care of my mother, I was fired.”

Judge: – “Don’t you ask someone for help?”

Boy: – “Had left the house since morning, went to about fifty (50) people, but no help; so, I decided to take this step at the very end.”

*When the arguments ended, the judge began to pronounce the verdict;

“The theft and especially the stealing of Bread by a hungry boy is a very shameful crime and we are all responsible for this crime.”

*Every person in the court, including me, is guilty and a perpetrator, so every person present here is fined ten dollars each. No one can get out of here without giving ten dollars.”

Saying this, the judge took ten dollars out of his own pocket and then picked up the pen and started writing name accordingly:

‘In addition, I fine the store a thousand dollars for handing over a hungry child to the Police.’

‘If the penalty is not deposited within 24 hours, the court will order to seal the store.’ also the Police is fined the same amount for charging a hungry boy to court.

‘By giving the full amount of fine to this boy, the court asks for forgiveness from that boy.’

After hearing the verdict, tears were pouring from the eyes of the people present in the court, that boy’s handcuffs were also untied. The boy was watching the judge again and again, who came out hiding his tears.


Read the comment that followed this story

Someone actually posted this story in a forum we coordinate and he followed it up with comment below:

*Are our society, systems and courts ready for such a decision?*

*if a hungry person is caught stealing bread, then the people of that country should be ashamed.

If this touches your heart:
chose someone to give succour… People around you should not sleep without food’*


You can share this in other platforms you
belong. It will go a long way in feeding the hungry today. Let us be charitable, help somebody today.

*Let’s Plan to feed the Hungry*
*God bless you*


My reaction to this story

I want you to read my immediate reaction to this story to sound a note if warning to members of the forum (and to you):

“A good story and it ended well when it advises people to help those in need.”

Further more, I countered the wrong message this story will pass across to gullible or ignorant or even the young ones:

  • Stealing is never the appropriate solution for hunger. It is not a godly solution.
  • The Court gave a judgement but that was the court of this earth. The court of heaven won’t see it that way.
  • The court of heaven acts only on what the bible teaches. The bible does not recommend stealing as as a solution for hunger.
  • That boy was lucky that he was not killed. In some societies like ours (Nigerian society), a mob would have killed him. They do that all the time in some parts of Nigeria notorious for carrying out junhke justice.

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Waiting on God during tough times: What is the solution for hunger?

What is the solution for hunger and tough times? What should be our reactions or comportment during tough times?

Just as I mentioned, the story ended well by asking you and I to help the hungry and the needy. We want to look at what anyone can do when they are faced with hunger just like the article showed.


Wrong reaction from the boy

The boy’s reaction and decision to go and steal is not Godly and it’s not the best.

Now using the case of that boy as an example. He was hungry, his mother was jobless and sick. He begged people but they did not help him. So he took the decision to steal.

Now we can likened this case of hunger to other cases like:

  • As a female job seeker, you find yourself in a situation where a CEO asked you to sleep with him or have sex with him to get a job.
  • As an unemployed graduate, you find yourself in a situation someone asked you to become a fraudster or to get involved in rituals to make money or become wealthy.
  • If you are a male job seeker, you find yourself in a situation where a female owner of a business asked you to commit sexual sin with her to get a job.

The question is: “Will you accept those sinful advice and sin against God and your life? I believe you would say no to that.

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How to wait in God during tough times: Follow these steps

You can follow these steps to wait on God during tough times:

  • First and foremost, you must always work on your mentality and value system before a problem comes up. This is the only way you can be able to face off temptations like that.
  • That boy, though he was hungry, chose to steal because he had not worked on his value system and mentality and even godliness before that time.
  • I am sure you will agree with me that we must have had some cases of people who were hungry just like him but who decided not to steal until they got the help they needed.
  • Sometimes, God will wait till the last moment to bring help for you. He waited to test your faithfulness to see if you would love Him despite the problem.
  • I have been faced with many serious problems in the past and I have gone through them without compromising. I don’t even beg not to talk of stealing and God has been faithful. It’s all about your mentality and values.
  • Joseph was a seventeen year old and he was a slave in a foreign land and yet he refused to commit sexual sins with his master’s wife.
  • Joseph suffered but he did not compromise. He was elevated at the end. We have lots of examples in the bible.
  • Begging is still better that stealing. I am telling you that you will get to a stage in your life that you will even not beg. I have lots of friends based abroad and I have never begged then for anything. It’s all about mentality.
  • But your mentality and value system can’t be that strong if you don’t deliberately build them.
  • One more thing today. Learn to pray about anything. It’s very important. Even if you are approaching anyone for help, learn to pray about it. Only people God approved will help you.
  • Note that I said approach people for help. This is different from begging. When you approach people for help, you are coming in a position of strength. You know what you want and where you are going and you will explain all these very well to the person.
  • People will only help people who are serious and who know where they are going. Some people just want to be parasites. They want to continue to beg from different people all the time. They don’t have goals set for their lives, they don’t know where they are going.
  • I once sought such help after I graduated from school. But I had a business plan well written and in my mind. So when I got to him, I explained everything very well. Though he eventually did not help but I was happy with myself. The only difference was that I did not pray before I approached him. So learn to pray about everything. This is important.


You can wait in God during tough times

You can definitely wait in God during tough times. You can take the right decisions and comport yourself well.

You need to let God’s Spirit and word shsoe your mentality consistently. When tough situation arises, you will be able able to stay afloat troubled waters.

I hope you loved this post. Please share your story with us. Let us know how you have waited on God during troubled periods.

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I love to teach and use success principles from the Bible to solve practical problems. My many books tell all the stories. All problems have their solutions in the Bible. I am married with kids.

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