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Dangers of keeping bad friends (stories for children)
Historics for Children

Dangers of keeping bad friends (stories for children)

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Mary was a busy bee. She worked round the clock. Mary was not from a poor family. Her dad produced one of the fastest chargers in the world and her mom had a company which produced makeup, cosmetics and so on.

From Mary’s background and status as the only child of her parents, you would easily conclude she would become spoilt. But that was not the case of Mary. She was well brought up and well behaved.

Places to see Mary were, at work, at home with her laptop and school. She hardly went to parties, cinemas, the beach, the saloon, and even the restaurant. But did they not say “Evil communication corrupts good manners”.

Mary had a friend called Narcisa. Narcisa was a complete bad girl. She was the complete opposite of Mary. At first she introduced him to a party, then another party and another and another until Mary got pregnant.

Her dreams were now shattered.

This story is the hand work of Abigael Ayonide Ogunotade, the CEO, Historics for Children

Dangers of keeping bad friends (stories for children)


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