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This is the ebook I wrote some years ago and I believe It is still very relevant today to Nigeria and Nigerians. It is true we are facing very tough challenges today as a nation but I strongly believe we can overcome these challenges if we understand what we have to do and get committed to doing them.

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Chapter 1: Introduction: It’s a Shame!

The Nigerian Football Federation (NFF), on the 17th, June, 2016 said, “We are only owing the late Amodu Shuaibu 2 months’ salary and not 7 months’ salary and it will be paid in due course”. That was the shameless and irresponsible statement of an official of the Nigerian Football Federation. The big question is: “Who are they going to pay the money to in due course, to the man who is dead?” Another coach who is alive and who worked with the late coach for the National team in 2002 said on a television programme that the football body still owes them allowances that should have gone to them since 2002!

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The present President of Nigeria, President Muhammad Buhari recently fulfilled the pledge made to the winning under 17 National team since 1985! There are many pensioners who have died without collecting their pensions and other entitlements even years after retiring from active service. A state governor in Nigeria recently told the striking workers who were protesting nonpayment of salaries for several months in his state where they want him to get the money to pay them!

[click_to_tweet tweet=”It is true we are facing very tough challenges today as a nation but I strongly believe we can overcome these challenges if we understand what we have to do and get committed to doing them.” quote=”It is true we are facing very tough challenges today as a nation but I strongly believe we can overcome these challenges if we understand what we have to do and get committed to doing them.”]

Yet the bible says, “You shall not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain” (1 Corinthians 9:9) (Deuteronomy 25:4) and that a laborer is worthy of his wages. If the Nigerian authority is flagrantly disobeying this holy commandment, then I’m not surprised they have continued to remain clueless and confused over the years on the best ways to fix Nigeria. The Nigeria Football Federation have fumbled and failed to harness the abundant human resources available in this country to improve Nigeria’s lot in the world of football. Nigeria’s national team, the Super Eagles is presently ranked ‘sixty something” in the world and outside the top ten rankings in Africa (It’s a shame!).

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The only time the Super Eagles ranked well was when the NFF was under a Sole Administrator during a military regime. The military leaders (Admiral Augustus Aikhomu in particular) used his powers to force a temporary success and development. That was temporary as we have not really been able to replicate such feat again.

The NFF and the Nigerian authority have to go back to the basics. They should pay those who deserve to be paid and allow the grace and hand of God to help their cause as leaders and administrators. Amodu Shuaibu and Stephen Keshi are gone now, never to have the opportunity to collect the rewards of what they worked for! Yet I have never heard or see a top official of the NFF go for a month without collecting his or her salary or allowance! It’s a shame, a BIG shame!

Please read this ebook on Nigerian News: The True Change we need to save Nigeria. Download or read in any e-format of your choice at Smashwords

Chapter 2: It’s More Than a Systemic Problem!

I have listened to so many analysts who believe Nigeria has a systemic problem and a leadership problem and I quite agree with them. However, I would like to add that Nigeria also has a big moral problem and a spiritual problem. It has to be moral and spiritual problems if a single individual could dig a pit or a soak away in her house to hide lots of stolen government money in foreign currency when she learnt that men of State Security Service (SSS) were coming on a visit.

It has to be moral and spiritual problems if terrorists were killing   innocent people and some selfish, evil-minded people in government were sharing into their private pockets funds that were earmarked to be used to purchase arms and ammunitions to fight insurgency!

It has to be moral and spiritual problems when we no longer see stealing as corruption in our country! It has to be moral and spiritual problems if a single individual could steal money from the national treasury and use the same to purchase material things for herself alone! Yet the holy bible says:

“Take heed and beware of covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses” (Luke 12: 15). The problem at hand in Nigeria is more than a systemic problem; we have serious problems with our morals and spirituality. We need help and a drastic change as quickly as possible!

Chapter 3: The Church and Our Negative Role

The church in Nigeria is not left out of this mess. We set up “suicide” centers instead of centers where the truth from the gospel of Jesus Christ will be preached. Most times church leaders who have uncontrolled access to the souls of church worshippers throw “bombs” into these souls due to their selfishness and lack of fear and reverence for God who they say they represent.

These “bombs” have been “killing” more people in Nigeria even before Boko Haram (the terrorist group) threw the first bomb in Nigeria. These “church bombs” have “killed” (and are still killing) more people in Nigeria than the terrorist bombs!

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Our church leaders must wake up to their responsibilities. The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) and other Christian bodies must wake up to their Godly responsibilities. We (Christians) have a divine role to play in helping our “sick” country out of the “sick bed” where we have confined her for so many years now. Christians must wake up and become more kingdom-minded; we should remember that we are pilgrims on this earth.

The earth is “crying” and “sobbing” day and night waiting for us to start performing our roles the way the holy bible teaches it. If you are a Christian and you “steal” in your office, then you are part of the problems of this country.

If you are a parent and you shamelessly arrange for “mercenaries” to help your child to commit examination malpractices, shame on you. If you’re a Christian and you have not really show to people around you the true Christian qualities, then you have not done well.

Chapter 4: The True Change

All Progressive Congress (APC), the ruling party in Nigeria got it all wrong when they were campaigning for the 2015 presidential election. They promised change but did not really understand what change is all about. They felt the needed change will come from up to down, they goofed!

The type of change Nigeria needs will not come from up to down but down to up. They have encountered lots of problems so far and I don’t see any drastic change if they continue this way. They are up there today as leaders and want to effect a change in a complex and “dying” country like Nigeria. They have forgotten that they are products of a country that has suffered from systemic, moral and spiritual problems for a long time. Bad products can’t fix bad products!

The change should start from the people, I mean every individual in Nigeria (including the so-called leaders). Our leaders should first of all stop seeing themselves as leaders but as individuals who needs radical changes themselves. A faulty person can’t fix a faulty system! When this is achieved, their songs to the people will then be for them to also embrace radical change as individuals.

The National Orientation Agency (NOA) and other government mouthpieces have lots of roles to play in this aspect. Sing the song of change at the individual level to the people continually. I still remember the popular old slogan of government agencies in the past like, “Andrew wan check out, stay and build your country, Nigeria go survive”; “If you’re  a worker , work well, if you’re a driver, drive well”.

Today, we have the power of the internet and the social media to assist the government in carrying out this. These powerful media really helped the victory of the present administration at the last Presidential election. The president, vice president, the Senate President, the Governors and others in leadership roles should have functional and active Twitter handles and Facebook pages.

Please read this ebook on Nigerian News: The True Change we need to save Nigeria. Download or read in any e-format of your choice at Smashwords

The song of change at the individual level should fill these spaces. Nigerians have flexible hearts and minds, and this song of change at the individual level will go a long way to reshape our minds and hearts.

When God, the Father wanted to give the world Jesus, He did not bring Him through the upper class or through the circle of the leaders of the day. He brought Him from the lowly home and family of Joseph, the Carpenter and Virgin Mary (Luke 2:4). He was even born in a manger!

The change God desired for the world started from the lower rungs of the society and spread upward. After some years, we had government leaders who came to the light of Jesus and His disciples when He left. New leaders who had embraced change at the individual level emerged and took Jerusalem by storm and spread to foreign lands like Rome.

Leaders in the Nigerian government should hear this: You’re not going about change the right way. People of questionable characters should not be in your government circle. You need to go on an individual retreat and strongly encourage the people you govern to do so. Do more town meetings across the federation and let your song be change at the individual level for all citizens.

To you and I who are not in government positions, let us embrace this type of change. Let us teach our children the principles and ideas of integrity, contentment, godliness and selflessness. Remember that true change will come from down to up. Your little child in school today will become a leader tomorrow. Teach him or her the right values and ensure you practice what you preach.

To you, who have already embraced this change at the individual level, set up platforms online and offline to teach it and raise more disciples of change for our dear country? To other religious leaders, you should embrace this change at the individual level.  Teach your followers the truth of your religion. Teach your followers to embrace peace, selflessness and to embrace religious tolerance.

Chapter 5: We Can Achieve This

I read Joshua 24:31, “Israel served the Lord all the days of Joshua, and all the days of the elders who outlived Joshua, who had known all the works of the Lord which He had done for Israel”. Yes all Israel served the Lord during the time of Joshua. Interesting!

With God all things are possible (Luke 1:37).

Nigerians can truly embrace change. Nigeria, the giant of Africa and the most populous black nation on earth can rise to fulfill her God-given role in the world. We should begin to conduct affairs and comport ourselves having in mind that we are just pilgrims here on the earth, we’ll give account someday! God bless my dear country, Nigeria.

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