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Gimbiya Galadima Interview: Owner Juxtathinka Blog
Christians in Business (Interview Sessions)

Gimbiya Galadima Interview: Owner Juxtathinka Blog

Christian Business: Can we meet you ma. Your name

Gimbiya Galadima: I’m Gimbiya Galadima

Christian Business: What is the name of your organization and what is your role/designation?

Gimbiya Galadima: I run a blog I call Juxtathinka blog. I share literary pieces on the blog and you can assess it via this link. My new book, T.I.R.E.D, a collection of stories written as poems was recently released on NowNow Books

Christian Business: What is the mission/vision of your organization?

Gimbiya Galadima:  I want to use my writing to draw attention to major societal issues. The mission is that every page of my books should teach a lesson and inspire people to act.

Christian Business: When did you become a Christian?

Gimbiya Galadima: 2009

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Christian Business: What has been the most remarkable Christian experience you’ve had till date?

Gimbiya Galadima:  Hmmm…..There have been many, but the one that touched me the most was an extremely difficult situation God pulled me out of.

gimbiya galadima interview

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Christian Business: What is your most loved bible text/story/passage in the Bible?

Gimbiya Galadima:  Proverbs 21:30. It reminds me that no matter how smart one claims to be, they cannot outsmart God.

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Christian Business: How has your Christian faith helped you to run your business effectively? (Please write extensively about this to bless other lives)

Gimbiya Galadima:  It reminds me that I am here to impact lives. Everything I do must not bring shame to my father. I must be diligent and show integrity in my writing. Prayer helps me, because many beautiful ideas are revealed in prayer. With that also comes guidance, to not stumble. For that, I am grateful.

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Christian Business: What single advice do you have for Ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Gimbiya Galadima: Just trust God and every other thing will follow.

Christian Business: What single advice do you have for Christians running businesses?

Gimbiya Galadima: Be honest. Don’t be the one that is always preaching but cannot be trusted.

Christian Business: What single advice do you have for Christians in work places?

Gimbiya Galadima:  Don’t get involved in corrupt practices. It will reflect on your reputation and dent the image of other Christians.

Christian Business: What problem do you think needs the Christian faith for solution in your industry?

Gimbiya Galadima:  The problem that I think needs the Christian faith for solution in my industry is portraying a good image of Christianity. Not only by writing good pieces, it’s more of exhibiting Christ like behavior that will encourage others.

Christian Business: Who is your Christian mentor and how has he or she helped you and your business?

Gimbiya Galadima: I have different mentors for different aspects of life and they have provided guidance when it was the only thing that could help. However as no one is perfect, my ultimate mentor is the Lord.

Christian Business: How has your family/friends/close relatives helped you in your business?

Gimbiya Galadima: They provided support when I was undergoing training, and helped me in the release and promotion for my book. I am grateful for their kindness and care.

Christian Business: What is your view about this end time and the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ?

Gimbiya Galadima: I think that even though the Lord is coming soon, we Christians should not use that as an excuse to while away time. We should work hard and aim to be successful to the glory of the father while bearing in mind that making heaven is the ultimate.

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