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Power of the creative word: How to create your excellent world with your word

This interesting article on the power of the creative word will greatly help you. Christians must understand that the battle for supremacy and the quest and desire to live a fulfilled life has a lot to do with how we use our words and confessions.

Note: This is a guest post. Clems will show you how the power of the creative word can go a long way to help your success aspirations and manifestation on this earth. I will just allow Clems to continue from here:

The power of the Creative Word

creative word of God

Recently I was reflecting on the subject of Jesus Christ being the King of kings and Lord of lords and I would like to share my inspirations with you. “Jesus is the King of kings and Lord of lords.” (Rev1:16, 1Tim 6:15) and the scripture said that we are joint-heirs with Him.

There are also several references to our royal heritage through Jesus Christ. References such as Royal Priesthood & God’s own Masterpiece, created in His image and likeness to reign in life (1Pt2:9, Eph2:20, Gen.1:27-28).

Being a royalty, means you are expected to operate and function like someone with a royal heritage.
Kings own kingdoms and exercise dominion over their domain or territory through Decrees & Declarations and not by begging or complaining.

Kings take charge and control circumstances with their mouth (Declarations) because the word of a king carries the power to effect changes (Ecl. 8:4, Prov. 18:23, Math. 12:37).

“Life and death are in the power of your tongues.” So your words determine your destiny, either for good or bad.

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Exercising Your dominion through the power of the creative word

When you recognize your true identity as a king and lord, you will begin to exercise your dominion through your creative words, instead of begging or complaining either in prayer or to men. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ brought you into a personal relationship with the Father when you believed.

And made you an associate of God-kind & a partaker of the abundant inheritance in the kingdom of God.
The same way earthly kings are coronated before they reign, Jesus gave you the power of attorney to reign in life in His name through your words (Luke10:19, Eph6).


Say What God Has Said to release the power of the creative word

The powerful thing about the Word of God is your response. If you don’t respond, the Word will do you no good. You have to say something that’s consistent with what God (The King of kings) has said. For example, He has said, “I’m with you always”; what’s your response to that?

It should be, “Yes, the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want or lack anything. I prosper everywhere and in all things because the Lord is with me; and more so, He lives in me! This is my assurance.

Don’t say, “O Lord, you said you’re with me; therefore, supply my needs. You said you’re with me, why am I going through this predicament?”

Anyone who talks that way is using the wrong code of ethics for kingdom operation; because you are not responding with creative words but complaining. And complainers get nothing because of kings reign by declarations and the authority of their office.


Don’t complain about the situation

Therefore, instead of complaining about your situation; respond with Creative Words. That’s the life of faith which is the currency for transaction in the kingdom: the response of the human spirit to God’s Word. Your declaration of the Word is your response to the King of kings dominion mandate, and that’s what will change your life and circumstances. Praise God forever!


I’m a royalty, living the life of continuous victory and success. I refuse to be discouraged or intimidated by the crippling system of the world, for I live and operate by the irrevocable laws of the kingdom of God. In Jesus name. Amen!

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