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Message for the End Time: Are you still in your wedding gown?
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Message for the End Time: Are you still in your wedding gown?

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Your wedding gown on you is the certificate you need to reign with Jesus when He comes back.

The question above should be a very important question we should be asking ourselves today as Christians. The end time, as described by the Bible is here and the devil and circumstances are doing all they can to remove wedding gowns from the body of Christians.

“But when the king came in to see the guest, he saw a man there who did not have on a wedding garment.” (Matthew 22:11)

Another End time Sign

Again, I had a nasty and unfortunate experience with a bookstore owned by a Christian organization in this country. The first two experiences are topics for another day.

The manager of the bookstore was almost cursing me for asking that money from book sales that has been due to be paid for the past 3 months should be paid to our company.

Now if a representative of a secular organization would not attempt to do that, i believe that coming from a Christian should get us and heaven on our toes.

After the unfortunate demonstration of foolishness by this manager, i strongly came to a conclusion that many who hide under the name of big Christian organizations but have no wedding garments on will soon be visited with the wrath of God.

Sheep in Wolves Clothings

In the parable, the king asked the man without a garment why he was at the gathering without his wedding garment. It is one thing to be outside the gathering living your sinful life but it is worrisome when you are in the fold and you are perpetrating your sins and foolishness.

Many pretenders who are wolves in sheep clothings but are strongly situated in some of these big Christian organizations.

Most of them have removed their wedding garments many years ago. The garments of some are stained but they are enjoying their sins and still enjoy the promotions from these big organizations.

Now this post is not about the big Christian churches but about you. Your church and position will not make you reign with Jesus when He comes back. It is your readiness to have the wedding garment on when Jesus comes back.

Love for Promotion and Money

As at today (after two weeks when this so called Christian manager demonstrated his ungodliness over the phone), the due money has not been paid and the stranger thing is that there is no management to report to – almost all are the same judging from previous personal experiences and that of others. It is not unlikely that some of these money to be paid out have gone into some people’s pockets.

Is Wedding Garment Stained?

If you think because you have been given undeserved rapid promotion by your church and you know your wedding garment is stained or not on you, you need to stop deceiving yourself, you must go back to God to help you.

The devil is happy to take your wedding garment from you and you can’t blame him for doing his own job but it is your choice if you allow him to take it away from you.

Moses said to Israel that i put before you life and death, choose life that you may live.

Christians should know that this is not the time to deceive ourselves. It is the time we must allow the Spirit of God and the Word of God to help us be the brides that Jesus wants to meet when He comes back. Maranatha.

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