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The earth is the Lord's
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The earth is the Lord’s

Psalm 24 clearly showed me that the earth is the Lord’s and it’s fullness thereof, the world and those that dwell in it. This is the truth even though human beings have done a lot of things to contest this statement over the years.

Events in our world today especially since the outbreak of Covid-19 has clearly shown that truly the earth is the Lord’s and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Why the earth is the Lord’s?

The earth is the Lord’s because He is the Creator of the earth. Our technology did not create the earth. Our scientific breakthroughs did not create the earth. God is only One who is able to contain and provide a solution to problems on the earth.

Agreed, our sciences and technology will be able to get somethings done but there are some problems only Go’s intervention can provide solutions to. We are finding out this truth especially with the case of coronavirus today.

The US president and the nation demonstrated the fact that the earth is the Lord’s when recently they.declared a national day of prayer.¬†The most powerful nation in the world just showed the world the necessity to return to God and accord God right and respect He deserves from us in this earth.

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We need to return to God

We need to return to God. We need to embrace the solution He has given to us for sin through Jesus Christ.

We need to Know that there will be more events in our world to show that the earth is the Lord’s. Let us come back to Him.

A poem I was inspired to write

I want you to enjoy this poem that the Holy Spirit inspired in my heart about the situation we have on our hands today and whcih clearly demonstrate the fact that the earth is the Lord’s.

Now I Know

Now I know that we are alive on this earth because of your grace.

Now I know that when the enemy decides to come like a food,only your Spirit can raise a standard against him.

Now I know that through our scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs are good but they can be so useless and ineffective when the devil/enemy comes like a flood.

Now I know that if you decide to take your eyes,attention and care away from us on the earth the earth is doomed.

Now I know that our scientist can be come clueless and ineffective if you decide not to supply the wisdom to them because there is nothing that we have that is not given.

Now I know that our stay on this earth goes beyond our technological breakthroughs and great economic achievements .
Now I know that even the most powerful nation in the world can not save us if we decided to allow the devil to terrorize us a second .

Now I know that our technologicall breakthroughs and achievements must be put under your complete control because the success we achieve without you can turn around to hunt us .

Now I know that an ordinary flu can turn the world upside down within two to three months .

Now I know the earth belongs to you lord and not to the USA UK ,China ,Russia and other world powers .

Now I know how terrible it will be to miss the rapture because corona virus is just showing us how devastating and terrible it will be when the Antichrist is released upon this world

Father, despite the threat of covid-19 to our world, I am convinced of the power in the blood of Jesus to give us victory.

I am convinced of your readiness to supply the wisdom to our scientists to produce a vaccine.

I am convinced of the readiness of your Spirit to raise a standard against this enemy’s agent called covid-19 and it vices.

I am convinced that your mercy endures forever and your love is ever available.

Thank you God for the death of corona virus because the ‘Egyptian’ we see today we will see them no more and who are you O great mountain of covid-19 ,you will surely become

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I love to teach and use success principles from the Bible to solve practical problems. My many books tell all the stories. All problems have their solutions in the Bible. I am married with kids.

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