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Top Nigerian Christian Bloggers 2022

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This is meant to investigate the top Nigerian Christian bloggers 2022.  That is, those bloggers you can expect their writings to feed you spiritually as we move into the year 2022.

Occasionally, our research team goes on an investigative journey to bring you information like this. I know you will always need this type of information to help you gain some good knowledge in your quest to walk effectively by faith with God and also to achieve greatness as a Christian.

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Who are Christian bloggers?

Christian bloggers are individuals who have a Christian story to share with the world and they have gone ahead to set up blogs to achieve this mission. For example, I am a Christian blogger and I have set up this blog you are reading from presently to share my Christian views with the world. I have done that for over 10 years now.

Note: This list and information will always be updated consistently to include fresh information and also to remove what I call ‘dead’ information.


Top 10 Christian bloggers in Nigeria for the year 2022

I want you to check out the top 10 Christian bloggers in Nigeria for this present year 2022.

Top Nigerian Christian bloggers 2022: Christian Personal Development

Of course, it’s natural that I should start with myself. Sesan Oguntade is a Nigerian Christian blogger who has been on the scene for over 10 years now using the platform of blogs and books to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. His main message to the world can be found in the book of John 15:5b:

Without Jesus, you can do nothing

On his Christian website and blogs, he has lots of free Christian ebooks, videos, and Christian online courses that are available free of charge to his audience. These Christian resources have helped lots of people online and offline.

Sesan Oguntade calls himself a Christian personal development expert and a Success Motivator. You can pick up his free Christian resources on his home page at Christian personal development.

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Top Nigerian Christian bloggers 2022: Yemisi Vese

Yemisi Vese is another top Nigeria Christian blogger and she always loves talking about Jesus; His love, His grace and, His mercy. She is very proud of how God can take a life and turn it around to show His glory.

Her earnest prayer is for God to use her as He sees fit and to help her reach as many people as possible for His glory. Though Yemisi does not have free Christian resources on her blog for her audience,, she makes up for that by adding spirit-inspired and soul-lifting messages on her blog consistently. Click here to visit her blog.

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Bro Gible Akannin’s Living Seed Blog

Bro Gbile Akanni is a very popular minister of the gospel in Nigeria who many hold in high esteem. They have a website that is rich with many resources. This website also has a blog section that contains spiritual materials that can help your Christian walk with God.

This is a blog for all individuals who want insight into the word of God. There are several thought-provoking and incredibly life-changing articles on this blog. You can also download messages by Bro Gblie on the blog.

Please click Bro Gbile’s Living Seed blog to read more.


Living Word Media Blog

This is a very useful Christian website that contains messages from pastor Segun Onayinka. It’s also great that the huge website has a blog section that includes write-ups on various bible topics and messages from Pastor Segun Onayinka, amongst others.

An interesting feature of this blog is the rich musical content. You will surely want to come back to this website and blog if you visit it once.  Please visit the blog here

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Top 10 Nigerrian Christian Bloggers 2022: Paul and Kristie Blog

This interesting Christian blog is owned and managed by two passionate Christians. Paul and Kristie Okafor are a Christian couple whose goal is to help their readers through their Christian journey as God gives them grace and inspiration.

This Christian blog offers inspiring messages that will always bring you back to the blog. The blog contains articles in the following categories:

  • The Christian life *lifestyle
  • Salvation *faith
  • Love *bible studies
  • Sermon topics *spiritual growth
  • Christian fictions *life-changing stories
  • Singles guides *relationship tips
  • Personal musings etc.

Please read more about this couple and the blog here


Top 10 Nigerian Christian bloggers 2022: Destiny Moulders

Destiny Moulders is a Christian blog in Nigeria that God is using to minister to readers accross the globe. This Nigerrian Christian blog carries out her duties exactly as her name – moulding destinies using principles from God’s Word.

You can visit the blog to find out more

If you would love to keep yourself spiritually growing in the new year, 2022, you should make it a habit to visit these Christian blogs. Please let me read your comments or suggestions on any Nigerian Christian blog that you know so that I can include them in a future review of this post. Destiny Moulders is a Christian blog in Nigeria that God is using to minister to readers accross the globe. Your next update, consider including it as i feel it deserve mentioning



Article written by:

I love to teach and use success principles from the Bible to solve practical problems. My many books tell all the stories. All problems have their solutions in the Bible. I am married with kids.

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