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Ungodly information: How to avoid them
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Ungodly information: How to avoid them

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You must avoid ungodly information. This is important especially at these end times. You can’t afford to expose yourself to umbilical information if you want to continue to improve your relationship with God.


What is ungodly information?

Ungodly information are information that are contrary to the Word of God. These are contents that tells you the opposite of what God is saying or has said in His Word as we have it in the Bible.


How does ungodly information originates?

Ungodly information originates from the following sources:

  • The devil
  • Demons
  • Your carnal mind
  • From ungodly people
  • Ungodly books and other information products

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Troubler of your life

You should understand that anyone that feeds you false information is the number one troubler of your life. Paul wrote in Galatians 1:7,

“But there are some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.

False information are information that are contrary to God’s Word. You need to address this issue immediately. Avoid those who feed you with ungodly information as much as possible.


How to avoid ungodly information

The following are ways to avoid ungodly information:


Become born again

You must accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior so that you can receive His Spirit in you.


Study the Word of God

If you want to avoid ungodly information, you must first of all know what the godly information are. Godly information are in the Word of God. You can’t afford not to study the Word of God. I set up a timetable of studying the Word of God. I know I can’t truly live a good life if I am not studying the Word of God.


Avoid bad friends

Bad friends are ungodly friends. If they are ungodly, then they will be filled with bad or ungodly information. I am very careful about the people I hang out with or call my friends. Many Christians are very careless in this regard. Bad association corrupt good manners according to the Bible.


Avoid cult groups

Cult groups are set up by the devil and his cohorts to fill people with ungodly information or anti-God contents. Avoid them. There is nothing they promise to give you that God can’t give you the ones that are better. Whatever they promise to give you is fake. It will only end up making you to serve the devil and to destroy your life.


Don’t read bad books

Bad books are written by ungodly authors. Avoid bad books. I am not necessarily asking you not to read books from nom Christians. We have good books that are written by non Christians. You only have to be careful and selective. The Bible asks us to be watchful and prayerful.


Have a good relationship with the Holy Spirit of God

Jesus says His Spirit will come and teach us all truth. You must ensure a close relationship with the Holy Spirit of God if you have mistakenly fed your mind with false information, God’s Spirit will help you to recognize this when you are praying or while you are studying the Word of God.

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