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Neighbors of Enemy Races
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Neighbors of Enemy Races

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Neighbors of Enemy Races. A Swejish was travelling to a country… before I go further, I would like to tell you about the swejish and the Airamasan countries. They were serious enemies. They would not even talk to themselves.

For example, if a Airamasan sees a Swejish lying on the road. The Airamasan will pass the other way and vice versa.

Now let’s go back to the story,

As the Swejish was driving his car, some bandits attacked him. I mean some very heartless bandits because they took all of his traveling bags, his money and they shot him in his left arm and left him half dead, half alive.

By chance, a swejish pastor was passing by. As you expect, he was supposed to help him instead he said

“Is this not the brother that is very fervent in the church? Maybe I should help him but if the police catches me. I may not be able to verify my claim that I was not the one that did this to him. May I not be implicated“, The Swejish pastor said and went to another side of the road. That was real evil.

A church worker passed by, “ This brother, Ah! Maybe I should help him. But this brother is richer than me,“ He hissed like a snake who had seen his prey. “ Let him go to hell, “ He crossed to the other side of the road. Jealous dog.

Then came by Airamasan and he felt pity for the man. He gave him first aid and put him in his own car and took him to the nearby hospital. He gave the doctor some money and said:

“ Here is some money and if the bills are higher than that. I will pay, ” Now that’s a honest man. This is the story of what we call the Good Samaritan. Bye, please if you like the story, follow me and like. Thank You.

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