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Faith Based Business Devotional: 52 Bible Secrets for Your Business Success

This interesting book is one of the first books I wrote about business success principles from the Bible. It is also one of my best-selling books online. I was able to pick short and straightforward success principles from the Bible that can encourage, motivate and educate an average Christian who wants to start and run businesses using God’s principles.

business success principles

I have 52 principles or write ups in this book and the user of the book is expected to use one for each week. Under each principle or write up, I have a Biblical explanation, other Bible texts to read and a story from our today world in the world of business.  Then there is also the section where you are to write your resolution.

             Customer Review for the Book

I want you to look at the customer review for this book below:

Customer Review of 52 Bible Secrets for Your Business Success  on Amazon

“Being a Christian I was able to relate to the Biblical principles of operating a business. My business has increased 15% since reading and applying the techniques in this book. Great for Kindle owners”

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             Look at the Description for the Book

Are You a Christian Small Business Owner and You Want to Improve Your Business Skills and Also Get Inspired on a Daily basis to Take Your Small Business to the Next Level?

Get your copy of an interesting book that uses bible principles to teach practical business development skills. Don’t take your feet yet off the pedal of developing your small business as a result of the many challenges you are facing until you have read this book!

52 bible tips and lessons have been produced in this book to teach practical small business development skills. The interesting part of this book is the presentation of modern – day business development practical stories of individuals who have used these biblical principles to grow their businesses.

This is meant to show you the workability of these principles and also to encourage you to grow your small business.  If you want to read God’s prescriptions on how you can take your small business to the next level, then this book is for you.
You should grab your copy immediately!

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