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Stop the fight against Christianity

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There is an unfortunate trend I have seen on the social media and in my discussions with people over the years which is really very worrying.

People have continually put all the blame of failed governments, economiies, politicians and other ills of our society on Christianity.

This is a big worry to me because i perceive the devil is enjoying this because it is taken the heart of the people away from Christ and His Word.

The truth is that Christianity and Christ have not failed and can’t fail, it is the system we have decided to set up and run without God that has failed.

Fight against Christianity: The fight against pastors

Someone said, “There is no pastor again that is called by God because none of them have been able to go to Somalia and other danger spots to set up a church”

I am surprised by this level of ignorance from an established Christian.

You establish church where God says you should establish church. Somalia has been a war-torn nation for years. God is not irrational, He won’t ask someone to establish church there when it is not safe.

It is like asking God to ask someone to establish church in sambisa forest in Nigeria where terrorists have made their place of abode.

God is a rational God. He is not a magician. God asked Joseph and Mary to run away from Israel with baby Jesus when Herod decided to kill babies.

Paul was lowered from a storey building with a basket to escape when there was danger.

It is not that God is a coward. He has His ways and He does it His ways. The duties of anyone is to abide by the way He wants it done.

No one is a superman without God

But that does not mean scriptures materials does not get to Somalia and their likes. There are Christians in Somalia today and even in other hot regions of the world.

Let us be more matured and reasonable with our religious utterances on the social media. Let us stop condemning one religion after the other. Let us stop putting all the blames on Christianity while we excuse our own disobedience and rebellion against God’s Word.

Stop the fight against Christianity

Check yourself. Let the government check themselves. Let us see where we are failing and let us go back to God.

God can heal our hearts and nations. Let us stop making the devil to laugh and rejoice when we abandon Christ and His Word and blame and accuse His servants that He has sent to us.

If you know Christ or you have abandoned Him, you can come back to God through Him. Please ask Him to become your Lord and personal Savior today.

Let me read from you if you have said this prayer. Share your comments below and share this article on social media.

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I love to teach and use success principles from the Bible to solve practical problems. My many books tell all the stories. All problems have their solutions in the Bible. I am married with kids.

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