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how to interpret dreams
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How to interpret dreams

You should learn how to interpret dreams and I am using this article to show you the primary ways you should react or interpret dreams. Later, I will show you how to gain access to my short book on this topic which describes the secondary reaction steps you must begin to take to react or interpret dreams.


What are night dreams?

Night dreams are God’s ways of revealing secrets or giving out important information to His creations. The book of Daniel shows this interesting information in Daniel 2:19,

“Then the secret was revealed to Daniel in a night vision”. This was a dream God showed him to reveal and explain Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of Daniel 2:1.

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Why do you need to interpret dreams?

Dreams can be manipulated and can come from other sources apart from God and if God still actually ministers to His children through it these days due to different reasons, then it is necessary for you to learn How to Interpret Dreams.

Other reasons why you must learn how to interpret dreams are as follows:

  • Many have been led astray by the devil through dreams
  • Many have been prepared by demons through dreams for a final attack on them by the devil.
  • Many have embarked on needless fasting and prayer sessions as a result of a dream they had.
  • Many have allowed fear in them causing untold hardships for them as a result of a dream they had.


Primary ways on how to interpret dreams or react to dreams

Now, let us look at the primary ways you can begin to react to or interpret dreams:

Don’t go seeking dreams

I believe this should be your first reaction. I have given a little information earlier why dreams are not God’s ideal method of sharing information with His children after the redemption work of Jesus (i will share more later). If it is not, then you need to stop seeking to have a dream from God.

Let God gives you a dream when He feels like it. I was, before I caught a revelation about this topic, always looking and seeking for a dream every night from God whenever I wanted to go to sleep. Whenever some days passed and I did not have a dream, I always felt something was wrong between me and God.

Let me also add that, most times, the devil had brought meaningless (yes, meaningless because they had no support from God’s word) dreams that have unsteadied or got me worried.

It is not new-testament compliant for you to pray this way: “Oh God I need instruction on this issue, speak to me in a dream”. If you pray this prayer, you can be sure that the devil, his demons, or your mind will bring you a dream!

Try to recollect your night dreams

If you have a night dream, you should try to recollect the dream you had when you wake up. You can pray in the Spirit. If you cannot recollect it immediately, you should just forget it.

I have observed that most dreams I have had that have been from God, I have recollected or remembered them almost immediately. There are however countless dreams that I have had but was unable to recollect immediately or even later.

If the dream or night vision is from God and it is a piece of important information for you, you can be sure that even if you cannot recollect it immediately, the Spirit of God will still bring it into your mind later.

This has happened to me on many occasions, I have received these types of flashes in my mind a day or two after I had the dreams.

Invest a thought on the night dream

If you are able to recollect it, you should think over it to see where it belongs. Does it preach fear, death, uncertainty, destruction, or clearly against the written word of God?

You must invest a thought. This is the reason why you must not toy with the study of the word of God and places where the word of God is preached and taught in truth.

This thinking process will allow you to place the content of the dream side by side with the word of God to see whether it is relevant to you or not.

People who walked with God always carry out this practice, whether it is a dream, trance, or a voice they heard. Joseph carried out this in Matthew 1:20-21. Even Peter invested a thought after he fell into a trance in Acts 10:19, the bible says,

“While Peter thought about the vision…”.

Ask God for mercy

In Daniel 2:17-18, the bible shows us that Daniel and his friends sought God’s mercies concerning the secrets or dreams they desired meaning for. Sometimes, asking God for mercy over an issue is not because you want God to forgive you for a sin you have committed but because you know and recognize that the help to solve a problem can only come from God. Pray to God for mercy to recollect the dream you had or to get a revelation or an explanation of the dream.

I am not surprised Daniel got a revelation about the problem in Daniel 2:19, the bible says,

“Then the secret was revealed to Daniel …”

Check your bible concordance

Sometimes, you may need to use your bible concordance or dictionary to get a hint of what the dream you had meant. For example, if you see yourself giving out bread to groups of people in a dream, you can check for the keyword, ‘bread’  in your concordance and study portions of the word of God where the word, ‘bread’ is mentioned.

As you study, revelations may hit you concerning the dream you had. Pray for the Holy Spirit to help you before your study.

Ask an elder

This may also be an option if you want to pick up meanings to a dream. Nebuchadnezzar and other kings were fond of consulting these types of elders whenever they had dreams.

Agreed, these kings were not God-conscious people but even as Spirit-filled Christians, we can still ask Spirit-filled elders for explanations on any dream we have. I once got an explanation on a dream I have had consistently about my home from an elder and a mentor.

This revelation or explanation did a lot of good in my life as a family man. I had earlier struggled to pick a meaning to the dream.

I have just discussed some of the primary ways you can react to or interpret a night vision. Now, I want you to check out the information below on how to gain access to my short book guide on this topic which shares more information about secondary reactions on how to interpret dreams.

Please visit and read more information about the book here

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