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Africa and Nigeria and their problems: The need for spiritual help

Surely and rightly, Africa and Nigeria need spiritual help considering all the man-made problems that are presently troubling and bedeviling them.


How did Africa and Nigeria get here?

We got to this precarious situation in Africa and Nigeria due to our selfishness, insincerity, and lack of vision and foresight. We have tolerated leaders who lacked vision and who are selfish to lead us for many years.

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Now I am not putting the whole of the blame on these leaders as a lot of people do today without first checking on how they have also played a part in this mess.  A solution will not come when we begin to blame the leaders alone.

However, the leaders have messed things up because they were given the mantle of leadership on trust by the people but have selfishly mismanaged resources and our future. The results are what we have today. Surely these leaders will receive the due rewards from God at the appropriate time.


Saving Africa and Nigeria should be a collective effort

Africa and Nigeria can only be saved if we all decide to become responsible and accept the blame for where we have found ourselves because in actual fact we all played a part in one way or the other.

We should stop the blame game because the spiritual solution that is needed to save Africa and Nigeria will not work out perfectly if we continue to point accusing fingers at others especially at the leaders.

We need to find out what we have to start doing at our own individual level to bring about a change. If you are still collecting bribe in your office before you carry out duties you are paid to do, then you don’t have any right to blame any leader who is doing the same at the national level.


Spiritual solution to the problems of Africa and Nigeria

Only a true Christian spiritual solution will save Nigeria from her problems. Today, we have allowed our love for money and other material things to reduce the effectiveness of our Christian power and manifestations.

We now serve God and mammon. We shake satan’s hands and also extend our mouth to Jesus to kiss Him.

This spiritual irresponsibility has prevented us from helping our country as God’s certified agent of help for the country and the continent.


We are stifling change for Africa and Nigeria

The danger here is that we are not ready to change or be liberated. The democracy that has brought liberation and development to some countries is bringing chaos and problem to us. The rain that is a source of blessing brings problems to us. This is due to our individual selfishness, greed, and foolishness.

I always believe the change starts from you and I. We need the help of the Spirit of God. We need Jesus. Every parent should understand this and ensure they teach their children this truth.


God’s Word and Spirit to the rescue of Africa and Nigeria

I believe a life that is completely controlled by God’s Spirit and God’s Word will not demonstrate this level of selfishness, greed, and foolishness as we see in our country and in Africa.

The solution lies in Jesus Christ. We should truly submit all under His rule. We should stop serving God and mammon – it won’t take us anywhere.

We should stop worshipping our fathers in the Lord – they are not God and they will never become one. They are just God’s representative who also has the tendencies of being human and can make mistakes. I see this as a major mistake of Christians in Nigeria.

It is greatly limiting what the Holy Spirit wants to use every individual to do. Some people have lost God and their destinies because they have stopped worshipping God and have chosen to worship their fathers in the Lord instead.

We need that personal relationship with God and we should just allow the anointing of our fathers in the Lord to help us achieve our own God-given destinies as God will deem it fit to use them.

Only Christian spiritual revival will save Nigeria and Africa from her problems.

Remember Jesus said, “without Me you can do nothing” John 15:5b.

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I love to teach and use success principles from the Bible to solve practical problems. My many books tell all the stories. All problems have their solutions in the Bible. I am married with kids.

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