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Power of belief and confession at Afcon 2023
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Power of belief and confession at Afcon 2023

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I am seeing the power of belief and confession at Afcon 2023. You are surprised to read this. Don’t be surprised, Sports and Sports heroes are part of what we celebrate on this Christian personal development blog.

We want our youth to embrace sports and forsake gangsterism, fraud and other vices. So when they excel in Sports, we try to look at the Biblical angle of their success and present it here.

Watch highlights of Nigeria versus South Africa semi final match at Afcon 2023 below:


Power of belief and confession at Afcon 2023: What do I mean?

I am seeing the power of belief and confession at work at this year’s African Cup of Nations (Afcon 2023). I want you to look at this analysis that has to do with the Nigerian senior national team, the Super Eagles and their coaches.

Gennet Rohr was the immediate past coach of the Super Eagles while Jose Pesero is the present coach of the team. The latter is the one who has led them to the ongoing Afcon 2023 tournament.

Read confessions of both coaches about their team

1. Listen to Rohr: “My players are still young sins semi final is a good target.” (He was fond of confessing this statement when the team was preparing for Afcon 2021.

I want you to look at his result with the team at Afcon 2019.

Results: He got to the semi final and got booted out by a team (Algeria) he had earlier roundly during world cup qualifiers.

2. Listen to Pesero: “I am here in Nigeria and I want to win Afcon. In fact we are winning afcon”

Look at his results so far:

Results: He is in the final against all expectations at Afcon 2023. Despite a difficult semi final, his team won on penalties.

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Power of belief and confession at Afcon 2023: You get what you say

I disliked Rohr for confessing semi final for Nigeria. He should do that for Benin Republic (his present assignment) and not Nigeria. This is Afcon for goodness sake. Nigeria is a big country at Afcon.

What you confess as a coach, teacher, leader or even parent will go a long way to determine the lots and the reactions of your followers.

Coach Jose Pesero even if you don’t win this Afcon (God forbid!), you have lived up to your words. You have surpassed my expectations.

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You get what you confess

The Bible says:

For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned. (Matthew 12:37

You will always get the results of what you believe and confess. Watch out for this. Confess great things. Confess success and breakthrough.

Congratulations to Nigeria and Cote D’Ivoire for getting to the final of Afcon 2023. But Nigeria is winning this cup for the fourth time. I will be here to update this post after the final is played by God’s grace.


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