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Purpose-driven companies: 3 reasons why you must start one

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It is interesting to note that purpose-driven companies run by Christians are springing up all over the world today and that is a good one for the purpose of advancing the kingdom of God. I did a little search online for faith based businesses or businesses set up to give glory to God on this earth and I got quite a lot of examples for research purposes.

Now let me quickly point this out. A company can be purpose-driven without being an entity to advance the kingdom of God. There is nothing bad about that anyway.

However, for the purpose of this post and this blog, I am talking about businesses that are set up and run in accordance with the rules of God and also in order to advance God’s kingdom on this earth.

What are purpose-driven companies?

Purpose-driven companies are businesses that are set up purposely for a reason and they are run on a daily basis to fulfil that purpose. Just as I wrote above, they will be Christian purpose-driven companies if they are started by Christians and run by the rules of God rules of God and to promote the kingdom of God on this earth.

Importance of purpose-driven companies

To a Christian who desires to love God with all his heart and understanding, it will be highly rewarding to start and run these types of companies or businesses. These types of businesses can help Christians to dominate the various industries and help in the promotion of the values and principles of God in our corrupt world of today.

3 Reasons why you have to run purpose-driven companies

The following are the reasons why you can and should run purpose-driven companies:

1. You are designed to run purpose-driven businesses

You are designed by God to give the world enduring organizations and companies that will add benefits and profits to the society, the kingdom of God on this earth and to generations yet unborn. This is who you really are.

2. The time is ripe for purpose-driven companies

You will agree with me and God that the time is ripe for us to start putting up these types of organizations or businesses as Christians that will add to God’s kingdom on this earth.

We must begin to look beyond the four walls of the church fellowship to set up “churches” in our organizations and in the market places where the souls to be converted for God’s kingdom are located.

3. The industries need purpose-driven companies run by Christians

You will also agree with me that the various industries and market places need a ‘church person’ (a purpose-driven and passionate Christian business person) who will begin to use Godly ideas to solve problems that will attract non-believers to you and God’s kingdom.

You need to show them that you are actually a being in the class of God as a result of the power of God you have in your life through Jesus Christ by giving birth to and finishing Godly ideas and projects in your industry.

Purpose is central to success

Business leaders believe purpose is central to the success of any company or business. It will be more rewarding for your business and company if it is started and run to fulfil God’s purpose for this earth.

I hope you will take up this great challenge and lift yourself into top place in the heart of the living God.

Further Reading: Isaiah 60: 1-3

I want to read from if you are already running a purpose-driven company or business. I want you to share your experience with me.

If you are planning to start one in the near future, I want to read from you too. I can share more materials with you that can help you start and run one.

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