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What makes a Christian marriage?
Your faith and your marriage

What makes a Christian marriage?

What makes a Christian marriage? I believe you must have asked that question in your mind or you must have asked someone that question before especially if you are a Christian that is married or about to get married.

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What’s a Christian marriage?

A Christian marriage is one where two people who are practicing or devoted Christians come together in holy matrimony. They have decided to run affairs in their homes using the teachings of the Bible as the standard.


Do you want to know what makes a Christian marriage thick?

The simple answer is what I have here: “Let the Word of God Grow in your Home.” Of course, it’s not the only factor but it’s the most important factor.


Secret about a successful Christian marriage

Many years ago, I discovered a secret in the Word of God about the power of God’s Word when it’s been put to use in my marriage, home and family.

I want you to read this:

Acts 19:20
So the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed.

That passage described what happened in Ephesus when Paul was there. Paul and other Christians began to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ dedicatedly and in a little time, God’s Word that was been preached began to multiply and grow.

Then it began to fight their battles even without their knowledge. It fought these battles and the Bible passage quoted above says, It prevailed.


The Word makes a Christian marital union

The Word of God as we have it in the Bible is able to fight for a home, marriage or family where it’s been preached and obeyed. When you allow the scripture to grow in your home, it begins to fight your battles without your knowledge.

Even the battles you don’t know anything about, it fights them and crush them. It’s deeply spiritual and you can.only sense it spiritually.

How do do you allow the Word of God to grow in your Christian matrimonial home? I will be providing answers in the next section of this post.


What makes a Christian marriage: 12 Bible tips on the use of the Word of God

The following tips will show you how to allow the Word of God to grow in your family or home

  1. Your family altar. This should be in place. This is where the family comes together everyday to worship God, pray, study the Word of God and fellowship together. This is where you tell stories of the Bible to your children in a short sermon.
  2. You should refer back to my earlier post on family altar. This is a must for every Christian marriage. It even comes first before your church fellowship.
  3. Encourage yourself, wife and children to obey the Word of God. Talk about it regularly and let everyone know that you can’t survive outside the Word of God.
  4. You should also follow the Word of God in your neighborhood, office and anywhere you find yourself outside your home.
  5. Preach the Word of God too. Give tracts to those who come visiting your home.
  6. Go to church. Learn not to miss programs.
  7. Form a family prayer group too. Look for a family with the same Christan orientation and goals as your own and form a prayer team together. Take prayer fellowship to each other’s houses.
  8. Husbands can also have prayer partners. You should ensure they are serious, Spirit-filled Christians
  9. Learn to avoid fights in the homes where you say ungodly proclamations in your homes. When there are quarells, settle it without allowing yourself to get angry to the stage of saying unworthy things from your mouth.
  10. Learn to declare the Word of God in your home. Look for opportunities to do this. When you hear a negative statement from your spouse or children that has to with death, say: we shall not die but live to declare the works of God. Do this every time you have the opportunity.
  11. You should be a good student of the Word too. You can declare what you know. Study the Word always. Observe your own quiet time consistently.
  12. Learn to pray Psalms and declare the words aloud over your home and marriage. Rise in the night or very early in the morning and declare positive words over your marriage and family from the book of Psalms or any section of the Word of God.

The Word of God is very powerful when we put it into use in our Christian matrimonial homes.God be with your home in Jesus name. Amen.

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